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Friday, November 09, 2007

Anti-Masonic Vandalism

It's not being reported as such, but the monument at the Tippecanoe, Indiana battlefield (as in "Tippecanoe and Tyler too" fame) has been defaced with anti-Masonic grafitti.

Lafayette's WLFI is reporting:
Graffiti was spray painted on the Monument at the Tippecanoe Battlefield late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. Phrases such as "Tecumsehs Not Dead," "Justice Will Be Served" and "Give Back Our Spiritual Capitol" were spray painted on the Monument. Wednesday was the anniversary of the Battle of Tippecanoe, which took place in 1811. Battlefield Park Manager Kathy Moore is not sure if the date had anything to do with the vandalism.

"It possibly could since they stated Tecumsehs Not Dead, but really I have not idea. It could just be a coincidence," Moore said.

Moore said she does not know what the graffiti means, but she is upset that it happened.

In addition to what was reported, both a square and compasses and an all-seeing eye were both painted on with the universal circle-slash "no" symbol over them. Hopefully, the graffiti will be gone for Sunday's annual commemoration ceremony.

The Battle of Tippecanoe was fought on November 7th, 1811 between the US Army commanded by General William Henry Harrison and a band of Shawnees led by the brother of Tecumseh. 75 were killed during the battle.


  1. Not only is that sick and repugnant, it's disgusting and unpatriotic as well.

    Whoever did this needs to be taken to the woodshed.

  2. Any idea how Freemasonry comes into play in all this?


  3. I heard about this on NPR yesterday; the anti-masonic graffiti wasn't mentioned.

  4. The several local reports from Lafayette I read made it clear they didn't know what the symbols meant. But what the Battle of Tippecanoe has to do with Masons, your guess is as good as mine.

  5. Man I am blown away. I have spent some time in the anti-Masonic forum and such and did not realize that it has come to this. Freedom of thought and such is so hated by those whose seek to control it. Amazing really.

  6. What's too bad is that the usual scapegoats are used even by those who claim to be "up with the people, down with the Man" revolutionary "freedom" fighters.

    Like their far-right clones, they think that the Craft is a secret cabal of evil (usually white) men set to oppress the minds of "the people".

    It's too bad to use tragedies of history (y'know, the ones from which we should be learning) to perpetuate outright distortions--whether it be from someone who is just ignorant and needs to scream, or from someone who has a twisted agenda.

    Color me jaded, but I see this kind of stuff regularly either in print or in something like this. It would be totally stupid if it wasn't so sad.

    S. & F.,

    Bro. Adam

  7. iy has come to my attention with the african american gangsters of today that the Gangster Disciples "G.D.'s" often use the square and compass witht he G in the middle of it as their gang sign.The square and compass make a clear 6 point star, and the G stands for Gangster. With it being in a circle and a slash put into it such as u would see on a non-smoking sign, demonstrates that this is an opposing gang showing hatred. I could be wrong, but thats what i could see in the picture.


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