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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Vrijmetselarij Voor Dummies

The mail today brought the news that Freemasons For Dummies will soon be available translated into Dutch. I know not a thing about the Dutch language, apart from it looking like German with more j's and e's and o's and not so many umlauts. I also do not know if it is a straight translation of the U.S. edition, or if the Dutch publisher brought in a Mason from the Netherlands to make changes to reflect the very different Masonic structure there.

Let's just say it will be a surprise.

It will be to me.

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  1. Dear sir,

    Nice site! I am from Holland and I am a Freemason. I am looking forward to Freemasonry for Dummies in Dutch.
    I have a blogspot for freemasons:

    Kind regards,



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