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Friday, February 16, 2024

Past Sovereign Grand Commander Glattly Responds To His Expulsion From NMJ

by Christopher Hodapp

UPDATE: SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2024, 8:00PM: Several weeks after this story first appeared here on February 15th, the AASR-NMJ Supreme Council publicly released the findings of an independent financial audit, multiple independent investigations of the allegations made against David Glattly which led to his resignation back in 2022. The results of all of these inquiries refute Glattly's version of events that he posted here at the end of December, and corroborate the accusations against him made by the internal whistleblower in the Lexington office.

Please see: 

Also, please see my apology on March 10th for taking any side whatsoever in this matter:  My Deepest Apologies: Is Red or White Wine Best with a Plate of Crow?

This afternoon, David Glattly, Past Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite NMJ, posted a message on his Facebook page, reacting to the news yesterday that he'd been expelled from the Scottish Rite NMJ.

It reads:
Hi All!

Last night I was informed of my expulsion as a member of the Scottish Rite NMJ. I was informed second hand from a few friends that received the email. I did not receive anything directly from Supreme Council. Imagine, 60 thousand members received my expulsion notice before me. That’s rather embarrassing. Perhaps that’s how the leadership wanted it.

I understand that this was precipitated by repercussion for my letter that was sent through the Freemasonry for Dummies blog. That letter was my truthful version of what happened behind the scenes with the two year inquisition that plagued Monica and I.

A few weeks ago, I submitted my resignation as an Active Member of the Supreme Council, as I no longer had any interest in participating with the Supreme Council. So this expulsion has really no affect on my Supreme Council status. It does however, affect my membership in my beloved home valley, where I have many friends and fond memories. This part is hurtful.

I became an Active Member of the Supreme Council 21 years ago and had the pleasure of serving as the chairman or a member of many committees and projects throughout that time. I truly enjoyed my nine years of service as the Deputy for New Jersey. As the Sovereign Grand Commander for four years, we built a very successful team that brought the NMJ to new heights. I’m very proud of this.

Scottish Rite is an excellent organization with strong values and significant core values. I encourage members to be active in your local valleys and enjoy the activities, as that is where the fun is. You may find as you rise in the ranks, the fun goes away and you may become disillusioned.

As for me, I’m fine. I hope that my path crosses paths with many friends over the coming years, both within and without the Masonic Fraternity.

Thank you all for your messages of concern and support! Cheers!


  1. First: The URL points to my Fathers Blogspot site. He passed away in 2018. So enjoy the short stories & long stories he wrote. If I knew a way to get control of this site, I would add to it. However I don’t.

    Second: This is such a mess. It is really sad, in the end. It’s a wound that is felt, not just for AASR-NMJ, but for all Masons.

    I have to wonder if PGSC Glattly had chosen to read this at the Executive Session: it might have garnered attention through “word of mouth”, but essentially it would have stayed “In House”, and this expulsion might not have occurred.

    Which leads me to question: Was the expulsion motivated because of the platform where it was released?

    Because this platform (website) reaches out beyond Jurisdictions of every Body, it is read by all Freemasons whither so ever dispersed, as well as every eavesdropper, and every ‘anti-Masonic’ individuals. It reaches to anyone who has an internet connection.

    The only consolation is that Past MW Glattly will still be welcomed in the Symbolic “Blue” Lodge & be embraced in fellowship as a Mason.

    Note: This comment is not to be read as a criticism against what Bro Chris Hodapp has built. This is not even criticizing Ill Glatty’s decision to post it here. These are just inward reflections that I am sure, “tens of thousands” are also asking this very evening.

    Thank you for reading.

    Bro Dave (a fellow Brother & Companion working alongside of you in the quarries).

  2. The AASR-NMJ Facebook page posted it publicly and has been promising in the comments that full information would be forthcoming. Two weeks later, no information, and brothers who have commented on that post and others to inquire about the promised explanation have seen their comments removed and their profiles blocked.

    I cannot speak to the expulsion itself, but the manner of handling it is an utter embarrassment to all of masonry.


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