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Sunday, February 04, 2024

Ohio's Goose & Gridiron Lodge 1717 Meeting April 27th

by Christopher Hodapp

Ohio's unique Goose and Gridiron Lodge 1717 will host their next meeting on Saturday, April 27, 2024 at the breathtaking Dayton Masonic Center. Lodge will open at noon and the brethren will retire afterwards downstairs to hold their excellent Festive Board. 

What makes "The Goose" unique, you ask? Unless someone pipes up and corrects my oftimes-fallacious memory, I believe they are the only regular Masonic lodge currently at work in the United States that is permitted by the Grand Lodge of Ohio to use England's Emulation Ritual instead of the typical American Preston-Webb work. 
The lodge will be installing its officers that day using the Emulation ceremony, as well. If you've never had the opportunity to visit an English lodge, or a Canadian one that uses Emulation, Ohio may be a quicker trip for you.

Because of the very special nature of the lodge, they try to travel around the state of Ohio throughout the year so members and guests don't always have to make a 5-hour round-trip drive to attend every time. 

In addition, they try to provide some extras before the meeting day for early arrivals. On Thursday, they will have a long field trip to Detroit, Michigan to visit the Detroit Masonic Center (largest Masonic building in the world); on Friday, there will be a tour of the National US Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson AFB just outside of Dayton. And there will be an informal "meet and greet" dinner for members, guests, spouses and partners on Friday night.

WM Daniel Mossop and a certain "Anonymous" Dummy visitor

I got the opportunity to visit Goose and Gridiron last October. When I spoke at the lodge, the Brethren quite generously made me an Honorary Member, and I was deeply honored. If you've never traveled and seen a different – but perfectly regular – ritual besides your own grand lodge's accepted work, make your way to Dayton that weekend! 

If you intend to attend the meeting and Festive Board, CLICK HERE to register. Registration deadline is April 17th. 

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  1. Benjamin Franklin Lodge No 83 in Madison, WI is authorized to work Emulation Ritual to include the conferral of degrees. I am a member of both BFL93 and GG1717. A few local Masonic buddies of mine and I are charter members of GG1717, but hailing from California, it has been difficult to get reengaged post covid. Though we desire to return sometime in the near future.

    On the note of UGLE and other work in the US, we have a few initiatives in California a foot. There is a newly Chartered Research lodge focussed on bringing the Scottish Rite craft degrees around to eventually be accepted - as there is already a movement to potentially allow the Spanish SR degrees in the future by the CA Grand Lodge. Concurrently, Domatic ritual has been proposed to the Grand Chapter, which was initially met with resistance, but conversations are still moving. Emulation Ritual seems afar off in CA, but I could see it happening one day if the appropriate steps are taken. All interesting stuff!

    PS - Google account doesn’t seem to want to take on my phone.

    -Mark Nielsen
    mark at Freemason dot dev


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