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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Texas Mason Slain By Anti-Masonic Shooter

Brother Robert Wise, 55, killed Monday after officer's installation
(Photos: McAllen Lodge 1110 Facebook page)

by Christopher Hodapp

UPDATE July 14, 2023, 3:OOAM:
Brother Wise's funeral arrangements have been added to this story.

Police in McAllen, Texas have arrested a man in connection with the Monday night shooting death of Brother Robert Wise outside of the Masonic hall of McAllen Lodge No. 1110. Julio Diaz, 35, is now in police custody after being arrested Tuesday for murder. 

Julio Diaz, 35, arrested for murder 
(Photo: McAllen Police Department)

According to a press release from the local police department, officers responded to a call from a witness at 9:46PM Monday night from outside the lodge, who reported hearing "a loud pop, then someone moaning in pain." When police arrived, they found Brother Wise on the ground, wounded by gunfire. Emergency Medical Services immediately rushed him to a local hospital, where he later died.

McAllen Lodge No. 1110, McAllen, Texas

While it has not yet been reported in the press, Robert was leaving McAllen Lodge following their officers' installation Monday night when he was shot. Witnesses spotted and identified the shooter as Julio Diaz, who immediately fled the scene. 

According to several sources, Diaz had apparently recorded and uploaded a video of his crime online. It has since been removed.

When he was arrested and questioned this morning, sources familiar with the investigation told me that Diaz believes Masons are "devil worshiping Illuminatists." A Facebook commenter said Diaz had previously posted anti-Masonic comments on social media, claiming the lodge "had put a curse on him." 

This afternoon, Robert's daughter Erica has started a $5,000 GoFundMe appeal to cover his funeral expenses. CLICK HERE to donate.  I will add funeral arrangements to this story as soon as I know them.

Ever since the COVID lockdowns, there has been an alarming increase throughout the U.S. and Canada in incidents of vandalism and arson against Masonic halls by admitted paranoid anti-Masonic extremists and conspiracists. In my own casual monitoring of comments posted on anti-social media and news sites (along with many comments to this site that I will not permit to appear), anti-Masonic sentiments online seem to be on the rise, with a greater sense of distrust and hate directed at the fraternity. However, this is the first murder of one of our members I've seen in a very long time. This tragedy is one too many, and I pray it will be the only one. 

Obviously, there is a danger in drawing undue attention to these stories, as it could encourage lunatics to carry out their own attacks. But I believe the risk is outweighed by the vital urgency for us all to be extremely cautious regarding security in and around our buildings. That means monitored surveillance cameras, locked outer doors during events, and vigilant Tylers who probably shouldn't be on the lodge room side of the door during meetings, I'm sad to say. 

Further, law enforcement officials need to be informed by us whenever there are threats or acts of vandalism and violence directed at us – police departments and individual officers can't be automatically expected to realize that anti-Masonic hatred is a very real syndrome lurking out in the general population.

Even so, it's impossible to stop a determined madman when he's got committing terrorism on his mind. Like my Texas brethren, I pray for Brother Robert's wife and children with all my heart, and sincerely hope never to post any more stories like this one ever again.

UPDATE JULY 14, 2023, 3:00AM

Brother Wise's obituary and funeral arrangements have been posted on the Brown Family Funeral Home website HERE:

A public viewing will be held on Monday, July 17, 2023, at 5:00pm-9:00p.m.CDT at Brown Family Funeral Home in Mission. The funeral service will take place on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, at 10:00amCDT at Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in Mission, Texas.

There is no word, as of yet, concerning any sort of Masonic funeral service. This site will be updated if and when it is announced.

*If the lodge name sounds familiar to non-Texas Masons, McAllen Lodge 1110 was chartered in 1916 and is the Mother Lodge of Masonic scholar and author Arturo De Hoyos.


  1. Br. Hodapp, this fills me with so much sorrow to hear about a brother being murdered.

  2. During meetings, lock the outside door, and allow the Tiler to let the late-arrivals in.

    1. Can't lock the door Bro. Safety issue incase of a fire.

    2. Deadbolt inside can & is locked at our lodge. Tyler sits inside lodge next to door, listening for visitors, etc.

    3. This didn’t happen behind locked doors it happened as he was opening his vehicle to come home to us.

  3. MH - Lurgan 767(IC)Thu Jul 13, 05:50:00 AM 2023

    *Undue attention.

    This event is beyond shameful. Me thinks it arose as a result of these QAnon nutters having a platform to spew their vitriol.

    I pray for the family, friends and brethren who knew Br Wise.

    Fraternal greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa

    1. It has nothing to do with QAnon.

  4. The members of Sun City #72 (AZ) F&AM express sincere sympathy to the family and Brothers of the deceased Brother. ‘Till we meet again. — Gary Loeb, Secretary

  5. I think you mean undue, not undo

  6. Awful news.

  7. Larry Cole PM 466 Dothan AlThu Jul 13, 02:02:00 PM 2023

    It is my hope that the world will eventually understand we are not a church or a cult, and worship no one save for our own creator. Hatred is born out of fear and the unknown, and even though it is readily available to anyone on line if they look hard enough to find it, They hate that we don't allow public scrutiny of our meetings. My hope and prayers go out to this family. I hope the lodge will come to his widows aid as promised in this time of need. Be blessed brethren.

  8. My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Brother Wise . May he rest in peace. From member of Corpus Christi lodge 189

  9. Masonic Service at Brown Family Funeral Home (Mission)
    701 East Interstate Highway 2
    Mission, Texas 78572
    ___Monday, July 17th, 2023
    8:00 - 8:15pm CDT

  10. Click on "Events" at bottom of page for viewing, Rosary, etc.: https://www.ricbrownffh.com/obituaries/robert-wise?fbclid=IwAR1mlWbCcvkieH8RvAW_hc4NRrsqyVUgbXlQ2E2iVGf8SnHZMkHZXSQf4B4

  11. So sad. First Athens Masonic Hall bombings and than this sad news.

  12. Our continued prayers go out to the family and to Bro. Wise's Lodge Brothers. Prince Hall Lodge #1 of The MWPHGL send our condolences.

  13. Condolences to the family. Tragic. Sincerely and Faternally, Kev L. Lodge HanYang 1048 S.C. Past Master.

  14. Sincere condolences and prayers for God's loving embrace to surround his family at this sad time, from Beaverton Masonic Lodge 100 AF&AM, Beaverton, Oregon. Stephen Barkley, PM

  15. I hope people know that children also meet at Masonic Lodges all across the country.

    1. Please remember, some of these people target children. Be vigilant in the west.

  16. Recuerdo desde Puerto Montt,Chile.

  17. So sad.Sincere condolences to his family, fraternal brethren and friends.may his soul rest in peace
    Albert Morgan . LODGE ELGIN #1562 S.C. MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA


  18. His family has started a gofundme account: https://gofund.me/f66cc928

  19. Robert James - Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaSun Jul 16, 11:58:00 AM 2023

    My heart hurts to think that a Brother was singled out for his association with Masons. I totally agree that "Anonymous" should have the status of cowans and eavesdroppers. If you can not identify yourself your opinion is worthless. I have been a Mason for over 50 years.

  20. May The Great Architect give peace to Br. Wise's family members and brothers of McAllen Lodge No.1112. Knowledge brigs Light to everybody, so we must advise all friends and people who we hear any comment against masonry, in a matter to correct their doubts. Not everybody have a good mental health. T.'.F.'.E.'.
    Br. Carmelo A. Molina, Tanamá No. 2, Arecibo, PR.

  21. A very senseless and coward act against a member of an institution which only purpose is to help others and promote love and brotherhood . My deepest condolences to the family of our brother and may his soul rest in the great white lodge with our supreme master .
    Mr. Felix A Ruiz,
    Lodge “Union #10” Guayama, PR
    President; Western Region Shriners Club.
    🇵🇷🇺🇸 ][ /G\][

  22. What they don't talk about is the arson attack on the same Lodge a year ago and the same type of attack on a neighboring Lodge a few months ago. Connected? We shall see. But, if something happens always consider what would be a "nut case" next step.

  23. This is why European brothers don't advertise their masonic affiliation, out of site out of mind. We are not a service club like the lions or eagles, we need to treat our craft with the respect and reverence that it is due.

    I think that it would be wise for American Masons, to adopt the same attitude. And that applies to multiple aspects of our craft. We used to be considered the Elite of society, this is because it was difficult to become a mason and people treasured it. We need to stop with the advertising, lowering costs, lowering the bar we need to first shrink, rase the bar, implement a maximum of members per Lodges and give a QUALITY experience. Let's not be afraid at looking at what works in other places, for example in France it takes at least a year per degree, with paper presentation, high discretion for their members, they have almost no advertisement and their biggest problem right now is that they are growing too fast! the GNLF chartered a thousand Lodges in the past ten years.

    I know that I am getting of the rails, but seeing a brother getting slain is really rattling my chains and makes me feel that in a way it is our fault. For not doing a good enough job at protecting our members. We need to return to a real masonry not a basic club. rant over.

  24. Sincere condolences to Brother Wise's family and to the members of . McAllen Lodge #1110. We are praying for all of you.
    Steve Cherry, PM
    Billie Mosse Lodge #1152
    Denison, Texas

  25. Ernie Stovall Rockport Lodge #323 RIP Brother 🙏✝️

  26. To make matters even worse, the family members of our deceased brother have now filed a seven-figure lawsuit against McAllen Lodge #1110.

  27. Lock the doors and everything should be done in secrecy now more than ever.


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