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Monday, July 24, 2023

Another Anti-Masonic Attack: Arson Fire at El Paso Scottish Rite

by Christopher Hodapp

The Scottish Rite Temple in El Paso, Texas is the latest victim of what appears to be yet another anti-Masonic attack. Just after midnight Monday morning, an arsonist broke into the building and was recorded on security cameras carrying two gasoline cans. According to a Facebook post by Brother Larry Kane from the Rite this morning, the attacker spread fuel throughout the lobby level and set it ablaze before breaking out another doorway and escaping.

Firefighters were dispatched immediately by the fire alarm system – 10 units and 27 firefighters responded. The worst of the fire seems to have been contained within the ground floor, and it was doused quickly. But there was extensive smoke and water damage in the lobby and library areas. 

Fire, smoke and water damage in the Library

Thankfully, there were no injuries.

Members were permitted into the building by 5:00 AM, but they are still assessing the damage. Meanwhile, the Fire Marshal's office is investigating and in search of the arsonist. There have been no details about any potential suspect released at this time. For any tips about the fire, the community is urged to contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 915-212-5699.

Attacks Against Masons Increasing

In the last couple of years, there appears to have been an alarming increase in the number of attacks against Masonic buildings, and Freemasons themselves. Just two weeks ago, a Mason in McAllen, Texas was shot and killed outside of the local lodge by a man who believed the Masons had "put a curse on him." Recent arson fires and other serious vandalism have damaged or destroyed Masonic halls in Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, ConnecticutNew YorkOklahomaTennessee, Vancouver in British Columbia, and elsewhere. 

The Vancouver arsonist set fire to three Masonic halls in that city in a single morning, causing CA$2.5 million in damages, and was sentenced to 40 months in prisonHis attorney claimed he "struggled with mental health issues and just wanted to draw attention to what he described as dark souls and CSIS tracking devices."

Overseas, Masonic halls in Ireland and Greece have also been recently attacked by anti-Masons. In addition, there seems to have been a major increase in anti-Masonic social media posts and videos (comments were shut down on the El Paso Scottish Rite Facebook story early today after a disturbing number of posts were made in support of the attack). In the wake of these rising reports of incidents, the Grand Master of Washington (state) issued a letter last week warning members in his jurisdiction about a man who has issued numerous hate-filled, anti-Masonic threats about the fraternity.

Photos: El Paso Scottish Rite Temple by Larry Kane


  1. "The Vancouver arsonist set fire to three Masonic halls in that city in a single morning and was sentenced to 40 years in prison."
    I believe that should be: "40 MONTHS in prison."

    1. I shouldn't write at 4:00AM. Yes, 40 months is the correct sentence. But to your phrasing above, it SHOULD be 40 years...

  2. The Arsonist will hopefully be caught soon from the El Paso fire. I know a few things from the scene that can't be discussed as far as evidence goes. But uh let's say cameras are a game changer.


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