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Monday, March 27, 2023

Grand Master Shuts Down Job's Daughters in Michigan

by Christopher Hodapp

The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Michigan, MW Leonard K. Davis, has just issued an official edict that revokes all support and association with Job’s Daughters International, a Masonic-related youth group for girls within his jurisdiction. 

Edict 2022-2 reads, in part:

That no Master Mason within the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Michigan can or will be allowed any office, station or place within any Guardian Council, Grand Guardian Council or Supreme Guardian Council, nor will any Michigan Mason be allowed to sponsor, advise, or associate with in any way Jobs Daughters International. Further, No Jobs Daughters International Bethels are allowed to meet in any Michigan Masonic Centers, Buildings, Halls or Temples. Further [sic], the Grand Lodge of Michigan nor any of its subsidiary corporations or lodges are allowed to financially support Jobs Daughters International. This edict will remain in place until such time as it is removed by the Grand Lodge of Michigan.”

 (Click images to enlarge, or view online at https://michiganmasons.org/news-events/)

The landing page of the Michigan Job's Daughters Grand Bethel has been scrubbed of information and directs all questions to their secretary. 

Some background: Job’s Daughters International is a Masonic Youth Group for girls, headquartered in Papillon, Nebraska.  When it was founded in the early 20th century, the organization required a girl to have a Masonic family relationship or sponsor, but that qualification was dropped several years ago. Job's is an international organization with individual chapters called ‘bethels’ in the US, Canada, Brazil, the Philippines and Australia. It is unique amongst the Masonic youth groups in that the adult leaders at all levels are elected and term limited. Based on the number of bethels in a state, some have their own elected Grand Bethel (daughters) and Grand Guardian Council (adults) that are in charge of running the state, while others simply fall under the international Supreme Guardian Council’s jurisdiction with a person designated by that body to oversee their the state.

There is a youth protection program run by the Job's Board of Trustees (who are also elected), and any adult involved with children must complete a background check and be a Certified Adult Volunteer (CAV). If there is an incident reported, there is supposed to be an investigation, and an appeals process is in place.

In Michigan recently there was an incident that resulted in one adult’s CAV designation being revoked; in this incident it was claimed an adult physically struck a child, there was a CAV violation report filed by an uninvolved party. But according to multiple sources, there are several witnesses who claim that the alleged event did not happen as reported (the adult is 21 and the Daughter was her own younger cousin). There was no investigation, neither the adult nor the youth were interviewed — the woman’s CAV was summarily revoked. (There have been rumblings that the complaint was filed in retribution for things that happened in the past — hard to verify in the light of flying email accounts and commentary.)

According to one insider, the Youth Protection program is specifically in place to protect members from harm, not to discipline adults for things unrelated to youth safety. Objections were immediately raised regarding not following the official process of Job’s Daughters — reportedly, the four adult leaders who questioned the process subsequently had their own CAV status revoked, including three elected state officers.

When Michigan Grand Master Davis got wind of all this rumpus, he requested a meeting with the state and national Job’s leadership. They reportedly agreed to meet, but never showed up. For whatever reason, they simply chose not to respond after that, and, according to sources, even dodged him at the Conference of Grand Masters in Alexandria, Virginia last month.

Two male members of the international Supreme Guardian Council were Michigan Masons, and the Grand Master apparently declared that if the Supreme Guardian Council wouldn’t meet with him, they would be suspended. He apparently asked for a review of the decisions and an assurance that they were made in accordance with their own internal policy. 

In the face of all this, the Supreme Guardian Council suspended the charter of the Grand Guardian Council of Michigan two weeks ago, eliminating all the elected officers of Michigan Job’s Daughters, both adults and youths.  According to the letter, if a state Grand Bethel is dissolved, its property and management reverts to the Supremes.

Supreme Guardian Maureen Wise issued a letter incorrectly claiming the GM had suspended these two Masons on March 13th, and that he had issued an "edict" that hadn't actually happened yet. (Click document below to enlarge)

For Michigan’s Job’s Daughters' charter to be returned, the Supreme Guardian demanded the Grand Master of Masons in Michigan revoke his "edict" in writing. Additionally, all appeals filed in accordance with the youth protection plan must be withdrawn, as should any filed lawsuits. 

Grand Master Davis responded to Wise's letter on March 20th, laying out the chain of events as he knew them, and contradicting much of what she had claimed:

Obviously, his questions and demands were not met over the last week, hence his very real edict issued today.

Unfortunately, when a youth group’s so-called adult leadership begins acting worse than a bunch of splenetic teenagers at a vindictive dodgeball grudge match, the children they’re supposed to be guiding and mentoring wind up the only real losers. No grand master anywhere wants to have a noisy internal donnybrook going on in his jurisdiction, especially when it’s in an appendant, concordant or other related organization. When these fights get escalated, it would be wise for appendant leaders to remember that GMs always hold the winning hand in their state and can kick the whole poker table over. Ignoring his communications is the quickest way to have that happen.



  1. This is something internal to Job's Daughters. Unless there is activity which exposes Masonry to reproach or liability, then the GM should circumscribe and keep within due bounds. This is even more petty than the Arkansas/Shrine nonsense, and I didn't think anything could be more childish than that.

    An entire organization has been destroyed in Michigan over a my-club-is-bigger-than-yours pissing match. I don't blame the JD people for standing him up - it's NONE of his business. GMs do not have an inherent right, legally or organizationally, to issue leadership demands within appendant bodies and use the club of disaffiliation in pique.

    We talk about guarding the west gate. Nowhere is that need more evident than at the GL level.

    1. Re-read Chris's last paragraph and understand that Grand Masters are the Masonic authority in their state. Appendant bodies exist by the recognition they receive from a vote of the Grand Lodge. Between Annual Communications, the Grand Master is the Grand Lodge and his actions stand until decided up or down at the next Annual Communication. Appendant bodies need to figure out that their existence is dependent on the Grand Lodge, and by default, the Grand Master. That's what Chris means. What the Michigan Grand Master is saying, is that the actions of the Supreme Guardian Council don't represent Masonic principles, and for that reason, they no longer deserve to be recognized as such. It's his prerogative, and I support his action given this situation.

    2. Brad should recognize the power the Masonic Org has. No group that meets in it halls is outside of their authority

  2. Unfortunately, even with his edict, the children still lose. Horror stories of JDI Supreme Leadership can be heard all over the globe, but it was redesigned so that no one can hold them accountable. It's time to unite as one and make JDI what it was it was truly for and protect that at all costs.

  3. So sad that it has come to this, but this Supreme leadership is also seen drinking alcoholic beverages during meetings with the youth.
    If you disagree with any decisions that they make or viewed as a possible problem to their agenda, then you are out.

  4. Heather.sias@hotmail.com aka heather.forseca@gmail.com
    As a former Job’s Daughter from a long line of Masons, DeMolay leader, Easter Star’s, generational Job’s Daughters, JD guardians, associate guardians, grand guardians and associate grand guardians multiple times all in the state of Michigan, city of Midland, I find this pathetic and sad. I literally grew up from a very little girl going to the Lodge in Midland with my grandparents and parents and cooking in the kitchen and listening to my grandfather sing ‘How Great Thou Art’ in the Lodge room. I rode the elevator right after it was built as the first in Midland. Literally my life started its foundation there. And I do clearly remember becoming a ‘Jobie’ and cherishibgvtying my cords on my white robe and holding positions and being elected to the chairs. It was my life and gave me centeredness and purpose and I honored the men who lead the Lodge feeling so grateful for them having the Job’s Daughters organization for the young women. It was my very foundation and was the center of my family. This is disgusting that this pettiness by the WM is going on because he doesn’t want to be bothered sitting it out. And if the Supreme JD guardians and leaders are acting badly in the presence of the Josie’s, SHAME on you and grow up. You all, including the WM need to grow up and act like real men and women that Jobies can look up to not the disgrace evidenced in all of this. I can still recite the JD Chaplain’s prayers from our meetings and hear the singing of us all to ‘Nearer My God to Thee’. You adults need to remember the foundation of all of these beautiful organizations and get over your petty, ridiculous, and embarrassing organizational corporate trash. You’re supposed to be better than all of this….a respite levels above the world and it’s garbage and wars and never ending bullying for the sake of ego. The young men of DeMolay and the young women of Job’s Daughters desperately need a firm foundation of integrity, dignity, goals and every such thing in this world to pick them up from a world drowning in the gutters and these organizations need to get up and be that for both the young adults and it appears the old adults. You all are worse than the worst of children. The world at large right now has so very many very dangerous problems and potentially terrifying futures that this is the worst thing you can be doing and exemplifying as leadership to the future leaders. What is wrong with you all. Get your acts together, et out of your petty egos, own and apologize for your grevious errors in judgement and actions and fix this and get this back on the high level raise people up standards course it was intended to be. If you cannot pull you acts together, then all of you pathetic sorry adults resign and let REAL men and women replace you in the honor of of history and tradition of the Lodge, Star, DeMolay, and Job’s Daughters around the world and let all of us past Jobies hold our remembrances in a hallowed place in our hearts rather than shame if ever being associated with any of this. This horrible behavior by the adults makes my heart literally break for every girl in any bethel who was in the line working up the chairs and I’m positive my father, grandfather and grandmother are surely rolling in their graves over this. GET THIS FIXED and OWN YOUR ARROGANCE AND APOLOGIZE IR STEP ASIDE. I say all of this in the name of the God we all are supposed to live and emulate and for all Michigan Jobies everywhere past, present and God willing for the future. Heather Sias-Forseca

    1. Amen, sister! My story of growing up a Jobie is very similar to yours. I hope the adults stop acting like badly behaved children and put the real children first!

  5. I talked to the GM about this just after the incident. I have been following the issue recently and want to find solutions for our youth. After checking into some reports of the incident, it is my opinion that GM Davis' ruling is actually looking out for both the youth and the adults. It would be derelict, in my opinion, for him _not_ to have ruled on this issue.

    I also appreciate Chris picking this up and reporting on it. If you ever think his reporting is biased, it does not feel that way in this incident. He has been clear, open and had no bias. Thanks Chris.

    Fwiw: We had a long conversation after lodge tonight about this topic. (Not in the parking lot, but really in the "narthex" of the Lodge.) Even though our Lodge does not have a Bethel, one of our members has a daughter and niece in a Bethel, so it directly impacts us, or at least our Family. The kids are great and we love seeing them when they come to some of our events. (Recently, they did some silly thing around the holidays and left us some notes of encouragement and candies. And, they don't even meet in our Lodge, they just wanted to say 'hi' and 'thanks'.)

    So, the lodge is more than happy to host another youth group, following the GM edict. (Did I mention he is probably right?) So what to do? Maybe Rainbows? Meh, no one was super excited about that.

    Our local BGP mentioned something about the Organization of Triangles. https://ootny.org/. Apparently this is some splinter group (I assume based on the name) from the OES.

    Does anyone have experience with this organization? It seems that it would be a good fit for our youth. I have already said, that if there is no Masonic alternative I will start a Venturing, or Northern Star group to fill the gap.

    Brothers, we are letting our youth down by not giving them the tools, and experience in leadership. The youth are the future. Let's give them all the advantage we can!


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