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Monday, January 30, 2023

James Rumsey, Texas Grand Junior Warden, Suspended

by Christopher Hodapp

UPDATED: This post was updated at 9:37 PM 1/30/2023 

The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge AF&AM of Texas, MW G. Clay Smith, has officially suspended the Grand Junior Warden, RW James Rumsey, pending a disciplinary hearing before Texas' Grievances and Appeals Committee next September. (Click image above to enlarge.)

Texas Grand Master, MW G. Clay Smith

According to Smith's letter (posted today on the Grand Master's Blog page), it is alleged that Rumsey,

"while then serving as a District Deputy Grand Master at-Large and as a member of the Committee on Work: (1) did conduct himself in a way to bring reproach upon this Grand Lodge and to bring discredit and disgrace upon Masonry and to reflect unfavorably on the good name of Masonry; and (2) consumed, possessed, and had in possession intoxicating liquor on the premises of the Grand Lodge Memorial building."

RW James Rumsey, Grand Junior Warden, has been suspended.

The charges were brought by three unnamed Past Grand Masters, and had been handed to Smith during the annual meeting just as he was preparing to install Rumsey and the other officers as the new grand officers for the year. The immediate Past Grand Master of Texas, Brad Billings, objected to the unorthodox acceptance of the charges by Smith at that time in what was widely seen as an improper attempt to block Rumsey's installation during a public event.

According to several unnamed sources, there is video surveillance footage of Rumsey falling off a ladder at the Grand Lodge building in Waco, which is said to be evidence of his public intoxication.

For the original post about this episode, see Members to Grand Master: The Eyes of Texas Masons Are Upon You on January 22nd.

UPDATE 1/30/23, 9:37PM: 

A group of anonymous Texas Masons have created a website to publish information about the current turmoil in an effort to provide more transparency: https://texasmasons4truth.com .

A post reporting the letter's release this morning (click here) listed a 5-point rebuttal to the Grand Master's actions, which reads, in part:

 "Identical charges to the ones signed by the 3 Past Grand Masters were filed before the election, signed by certain Grand Lodge Officers. Grand Master Billings rejected the charges and filed such rejection with the Grand Secretary on Friday morning during the Grand Lodge Communication, January 20th, 2023.


"If these charges had been procedurally valid, Art. 661 and 667 allows the Grand Master to either hold a trial in front of the Grand West at the next Communication or refer the matter to the Committee on Grievances and Appeals at the next Communication or any time before then. There is no set time limit here. However, the proceeding must be held in a Lodge under Art. 669 — Not in the Library and Museum. The Grand Master has the authority to call a special Communication pursuant to Article VI Section 3(b) of the Constitution to vote on the recommendation of the Committee on Grievances and Appeals before the next annual communication, but as the point is to suspend RW Rumsey for as long as possible, this has not been done."


  1. If someone has errored, this seems like a ferocious way to treat them. This sort of open accusation would seem harsh and out of place in a school or company, and certainly contradictory of the aims of helping in a church. What does it say about us as compassionate, caring, supportive, understanding and the other aspects of fraternity.

  2. The 3 PGMs are Terry Stogner, Gene Carnes, and Jerry Martin

  3. This is exactly why I decided to demit from this cesspool. The way men act while claiming to be morally superior to their brothers. There are good Freemasons in Texas, but the leadership is shit.

  4. Past Master, NH... In our closing charge we encourage "vindicate his character if wrongfully traduced, suggest on his behalf the most candid and favorable circumstances. Is he justly reprehended?"
    I guess Texas is a little different than New Hampshire...


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