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Tuesday, May 03, 2022

GL of South Carolina Expels PGM Cal Disher

by Christopher Hodapp

After a Masonic trial conducted during the April annual communication of the Grand Lodge A.F.M. of South Carolina, the assembled brethren voted 444 to 290 to expel the immediate Past Grand Master (2019-21), Walter Calhoun "Cal" Disher II (photo above).

Disher's Masonic trial was conducted by the Grand Lodge. Four charges of violating his obligation as a Master Mason as well as provisions of their Constitution were filed in November 2021 by Batesburg-Leesville Lodge 138. Disher was ultimately found guilty on all four counts, two of which required mandatory expulsion.

Mister Disher's tempestuous two years as Grand Master during the Covid pandemic were marred by personality clashes and much open hostility. Masons were expelled, lodges had their charters revoked, and longtime friendships were broken.

Disher and PGM Jay Adam Pearson were both at the center of controversy in 2021 after Disher expelled PGM Michael D. Smith from the fraternity for allegedly holding unauthorized Scottish Rite business meetings online via Zoom. Disher had issued an edict banning all online Masonic business meetings during the pandemic. At the time, PGM Smith was serving as the Lieutenant Grand Commander for the Scottish Rite, and SGIG for South Carolina. 

Smith was reinstated to the fraternity after a tumultuous annual communication following the surprise election in April of PGM Ronald C. Mitchum (2005-07) to serve again as Grand Master for 2021-22.

Illus. Michael Smith subsequently died on November 17, 2021. The following month, 
Past Grand Masters Cal Disher and Jay Adam Pearson were stripped of both the 33rd degree and Knight Commander of the Court of Honor (KCCH) by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite (SJ)

This saga may not be over yet. I understand that there may be more charges filed against some of the other players in this long, sad tale.

In other business, Grand Master Ronald C. Mitchum was re-elected to a second one-year term.

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  1. The passing of PGM Smith before all of this was vented adds a poignant note. Albeit the attack on hium was partly rectified, but it certainly must have made his last months unhappy.

  2. Pearson should be held to the fire and burned at the stake for his unjust attacks on the righteous. Pearson is a puppet master in the entire scenario of Cal Disher, who was stupid enough to follow his poor counsel. The poetic justus in the event was the verdict was read on Mike Smith’s birthday. Gloria de Solo

    1. "Define 'Grab'"

    2. When an individual aggressively wraps their hand around another’s arm in a forceful manner. Then placing enough force downwards to result the victim being thrown in a chair against their will. Please note the victim also suffers from multiple burn injuries that resulted in skin graph to area that was “ grabbed”.

  3. Childish displays like these remind us that Freemasonry is a human construct and as such sometimes loses sight of its actual purpose: the pursuit of the Higher...

  4. I hope the comment count on this thread as compared to the linked articles above prove that we are ready to move forward…

  5. Freemasonry has removed one evil. Now if South Carolina can expel Jay Pearson there will be a return to peace and harmony. As long as there is still a rattlesnake in the room, no one can be happy. Pearson must go before he destroys another Lodge.

  6. The entire state is corrupt. There are many in or held positions while having criminal charges. After learning about someone in my previous lodge, Solomon’s No.1 AMF, hide his past while serving as a officer was enough for me leaving. The lodge still allows him to serve as at write this post. Hypocrisy at its best.

  7. Disher is nothing but a piece of crap, I've known him all his life, he stabbed me in the back years ago and went around flapping his gums about me, he even threatened my life in his car, ring any bells Cal?? KARMA paid you a visit.

  8. Is this tipycal US masonic vocabulary

  9. So does expel mean he was kicked out of the masons for life?


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