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Friday, February 11, 2022

Masonic Sites in Illinois Vandalized

Damage at the Grand Lodge of Illinois in Springfield

by Christopher Hodapp

NOTE: This story has been updated on Friday, February 11 at 5:45AM to include photos and more information about attacks on Masonic sites across Illinois.

Several Masonic locations in Illinois have been struck with deliberate acts of vandalism in the last few weeks. According to a letter circulated by MW Michael E. Jackson, Grand Master of Illinois, the Grand Lodge office in Springfield had its glass door smashed on Wednesday, and after being replaced, it was shattered again on Thursday. 

Across town, the Springfield Masonic Center and the Ansar Shrine were also vandalized. 

There were no break-ins, and nothing appears to have been stolen. 

From GM Jackson's letter:

"At this time, we have no reason to believe this is an attack that goes beyond Springfield but we also have no way to know if it is or will become part of a larger action against Illinois Masonry. Please be diligent and if your Lodge is vandalized or damaged in some way, report it to your local authorities and inform the Grand lodge as well."

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Security camera images from the Shrine were circulated today on the newschannel20.com website showing the attacker and what may be his car. Anyone with information concerning these attacks or this person in the photos are urged to contact the Springfield Police Department at 217-788-8427.

Last month, the Decatur, Illinois Masonic Temple suffered eight different attacks that did an estimated $20,000 in damage to their facility. Decatur police arrested - and released - a suspect in that case. Lodge members there believe all of these attacks may have been committed by the same person. 

Meanwhile, suspicious packages were found at Masonic temples in Champaign and Chatham, Illinois a few months ago. One of the packages contained a note accusing Masons of trying to destroy the world.

Acts of vandalism against Masonic buildings have been escalating around the country, along with the circulation of anti-Masonic literature. To the southeast of the Illinois border, southern Indiana Masonic halls have been reporting about thick packets of anti-Masonic material taped to lodge doors or left in their mailboxes.

Photos provided by Ansar Shrine Center

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  1. Public buildings often have heavy outer doors that are closed during non business hours and days. An architect compared the concept to underwear and suit coats. The all glass doors should be used for open hours and outer heavy doors during other times. Stores often have pull down grates for protection when closed.

    And in general, Masonic buildings lack lots of long accepted features such as sprinkler systems, adequate fire exits for older members -- climbing out to a rusty rung being as bad as the fire, ventilation with the virus or its successors being with us for the indefinite future, handicapped features such as adequate bathrooms, and so on.not to mention the collations with plastic cups and wobbly tables. We sre a sad lot that any observer would conclude were irrelevant to the times. The grand lodges are poor stewards and many grand masters would never be a manager in even a small hardware store.


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