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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Grand Masters in Washington DC Issue Joint Statement on Recent Protests

by Christopher Hodapp

There have been unprecedented protests and violence in the nation's capitol and throughout the country over the last week in connection with the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis. To address the issue locally, a joint statement has been issued today by the grand masters of the Grand Lodge FAAM of the District of Columbia and the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia (click the image to enlarge):

Joint Statement of 
Washington, D.C. Grand Masters
June 2, 2020

Our city of Washington DC is suffering. Based upon the dedication of all Masons throughout the world to the ideals of Masonic brotherly love and fellowship, we believe that our Craft offers a bold example of how men of different races can love and respect each other.

Freemasons do not all think alike. We are formed from different races, different political and social backgrounds, and many different countries. We all act and vote as individuals, and as our respective consciences dictate. But on one principle we are united. Freemasons accept and respect one another regardless of our differences, and the Brotherhood we share is based solely upon the content of a man’s character. 
Our Ancient Landmarks, handed down to us through the ages, include two important truths:
  • All Masons believe in the existence of God as the Grand Architect of the Universe and in the existence of an immortal spirit that is His gift to every person.
  • All Masons meet as equals. As the children of one great Father, we are all traveling to that predestined place where only genuine virtue merits respect, rather than wealth or status.

The leaders signing this statement affirm these beliefs. The ugly history of slavery and segregation in our country had estranged our two Grand Lodges in Washington, D.C. for too many years. But we have since outgrown those divisions and forged between us the ties of Brotherhood that unite us as Freemasons. Freemasonry is strong and vibrant in Washington DC, and we have a role to play in the healing that our city requires.

Each Brother will make his own decision about how to mourn the death of George Floyd, and how to call out for justice. But Freemasons will not succumb to the blind hatred of racial tension, nor contribute to inflaming those destructive passions. We are united as a sacred Brotherhood.We humbly request the aid and blessing of Almighty God on our City and Nation and ask for His pro- tection of our loved ones. Finally, we ask that all Freemasons redouble their efforts to heal the divisions tearing at our society, and we look forward to the time when we can meet together again.


Michael D. Nicholas, Sr. 

Grand Master
The Grand Lodge, FAAM Washington, D.C.

Quincy G. Grant

Most Worshipful Grand Master
Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge
Jurisdiction of the District of Columbia


  1. Excellent statement. We are presently across the river in Arlington but my home is Bedford #14 (Indiana)
    Thank you Brother

  2. This is what Masons everywhere should be saying. And every Masonic organization should be fully and completely integrated. That some are still not is deeply, deeply disturbing. Those grand lodges which still do not accept men of color are irregular in the extreme and it is time they be treated as such.

  3. Good relevant message by two of our Masonic leaders. In a country where its citizens pride themselves on having the right to own and bear arms, where its Military requires the ultimate sacrifice of its men and women in the defense of the Nation, MORALITY is necessary at the highest government levels for this "great experiment" to have continued success.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The removal was a technical error by me.I confirm my original comment

  5. Dear Bro. Johnson, how about the views of Masonic leadership as to those grand lodges which remain segregated?

  6. Dear Brother Unknown, As the years pass, waiting for the segregated grand lodges to change has increasingly grave implications for the general reputation of the fraternity.

    1. Paul , you are absolutely right. The real damage to the masons is silent and will not show up for years...that is its real implication is that less young men will join our group.....bc of the widespread approval and recognition of the GL's in states that do not have recognition of the "black" GL's

  7. I totally agree with this my brothers may we all meet on the level and part apron the square my name is brother Darrell Creason from Summerville Masonic lodge 234 A.F.M I hope one day the Prince hall and A.F.M lodges can unite bc we are all brotherslets show the world brotherly love!

  8. How do you explain Prince Hall? That is not inclusion.

    1. What would you suggest? Do you recommend a merger of all Prince Hall Grand Lodges with their much larger counterparts? That would require agreement by both Grand Lodges.

  9. Floyd had the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry tattoo across his chest. To believe in this bullshit statement is to believe in the same bullshit police brutality news narrative. The people are slowly becoming aware of the rituals and soon aware of the true cabalistic knowledge.


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