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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

'Curse of Oak Island - Drilling Down: Founding Fathers'

by Christopher Hodapp

I was featured on 'Curse of Oak Island - Drilling Down: Founding Fathers'  (Season 7/Ep 6) last night on History™. You'd think the producers might have told me when it would air, but no. 

Brothers Akram Elias, Mark Koltko-Rivera, Tobias Churton, Robert W. Sullivan IV and a surprisingly large list of other interviewees made it on the air.  We actually shot my segment last fall when I was briefly in the Los Angeles area. They did use more than a three-word sentence fragment (yes, it's been done) and I sounded at least vaguely rational this time. 

And no, I did not meet William Shatner. But I do a dandy impression of him.

So DID the fleeing and persecuted Knights Templar sail from Scotland to the 'New Scotland' of Nova Scotia, bury their loot at the bottom of a deep, multi-chambered pit that resembles the Book of Enoch and the Masonic Royal Arch degree, which was then resurrected with French allies from Paris' legendary Lodge of Nine Sisters (Muses) by Freemasons George Washington and Ben Franklin to pay for the American Revolution?

It's almost like it's 2005 all over again. 

But you may get tired of the phrase "there ARE those who believe..." uttered as a breathy Shatnerism. 

This show has strayed far from just being a strung out tale of Nova Scotia's intriguing hole in the ground and what may or may not have ever been in it. In its seventh season, it is an enormously popular program for the network, and it now is more of an excuse to stray and tell some actual history while dressing it up in mystery. And that's okay. This particular episode tells the Knights Templar story, the Masonic founding fathers like Franklin and Washington, French Masons like Duc de la Rochefoucauld d’Enville, and even Rosslyn Chapel (natch). If the only part of this you've encountered before were the opening two minutes of National Treasure, this is a dandy introduction to the speculative theories. And no, Bob Cooper will not approve.

This episode is not yet available for streaming as it is still in active airing rotation.

Thanks to Rob Holderbaum for the screen shot off his TV. It looked better on the air.

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