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Monday, June 10, 2019

French 'Yellow Vests' Attack Rennes Masonic Temple

On Saturday, June 1, a group of French 'Gilets Jaunes' (Yellow Vest) demonstrators attacked a Masonic Temple in Rennes, France. According to the Ouest-France.fr website, about a hundred Yellow Vest supporters in Rennes were ending their weekly demonstration when about a dozen of them broke off and headed for the Masonic Temple on Rue Theirs. A lodge meeting was going on inside at the time.

According to Jean-Pierre Planckaert, a member of the Grand Orient de France, the group had obviously been drinking. "They started to kick the entry door. They were almost all drunken. They broke the door, then threw bottles of beer on the ground floor. The guardian of the Temple (Tyler) was very scared." 

Planckaert is worried. "The Freemasons are often the target of some Yellow Vests, particularly on social networks. They regularly denounce the great 'Judeo-Masonic conspiracy' who control the world... We'd already had the [grafitti] tags on our Temple in Rennes, but never this type of attack. We condemn it with the utmost firmness. The guardian is still very [shaken]." 

The female Tyler was able to prevent the vandals from barging into the meeting going on in the lodge room next door. Fortunately, the Temple itself sits beside a police station, and they intervened immediately.

The Masonic Temple of Rennes, which dates from 1932, hosts between 24 and 25 meetings each month of several lodges in the city. An official complaint was filed with the authorities by the Lodge of Perfect Union, which is affiliated with the Grande Orient de France, owner of the building. The Grand Orient de France is the largest Masonic obedience in that country, but is not recognized as regular by the majority of Freemasons throughout the world. They permit women to join their lodges, as do several other French jurisdictions, and by some estimates, nearly one quarter of the Masons in France are women.

In March, a group of Yellow Vest protesters attacked a Masonic Temple in the southwest town of Tarbes, near the Spanish border.

This past weekend marks the 29th straight weekend of Yellow Vest protests in France. Since the very first high-visibility demonstrations on Paris' Champs Elysées in November of last year, increasing reports of vandalism against Jews, Jewish business, and generic 'anti-Zionism' sloganeering have appeared in the press. Anti-Masonic sentiments have been less reported, and seem to be less frequent. Masons don't appear to a widespread target. The overall movement itself is remarkably impartial and politically and socially ecumenical. But because the Yellow Vests are seen widely as a backlash against growing globalism and a more distant government out of touch with the public, they have attracted a small gaggle of believers in conspiracy theories with the same old usual suspects: Jews, world bankers, New World Order elites closeted in their secret societies like the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, and of course, the Freemasons.


  1. Something must be done to stop these madmen from destroying France.

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry that's all you got from this story.

      Before all of this "FEMALE TYLER??!!" stuff gets out of hand (as it already has on Facebook), the rest of the world needs to be aware that a huge swath of anti-Masons couldn't care less about what we regard as regularity and recognition. Men, women, or poodles for that matter - if they see Freemasons, they attack it. And 20-25% of the Masons in France are women. Like it or not, they are under attack, and that is an attack on the whole fraternity.

    2. Chris is completely right. Here in Paris at the world conference in one session we are discussing a 1787 book with details about female freemasonry. There is nothing male or female about character, morality, liberalism, charity. It is really time we all we glad to be humans.

  3. By the way, despite its humble exterior, the temple inside is truly magnificent, as so many French lodge rooms are. I shudder to think of the damage these yobs might have caused had the Tyler not stopped them and police not arrived.

  4. We would do well to to remember that the Adoptive Rite stems from the Heredom tradition, and that Benjamin Franklin attended mixed lodges in Paris while serving as an envoy to the Continental Congress.


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