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Monday, July 09, 2018

Legends of the Craft Symposium and Festive Board Saturday 7/14

Speaking of festive boards (see yesterday's post), Masons in, or near, or within traveling distance of New York City this coming Saturday July 14th (Bastille Day!) have the opportunity to attend a truly momentous event.

The Legends of the Craft Symposium – “Masonry During the Age of Enlightenment” is an one day educational experience for Master Masons interested in the development of Masonic rituals . New York's Shakespeare Lodge No. 750 and Continental Lodge No. 287 are the joint hats for this event.

The theme of the symposium is the stories and legends of the people, events, degree systems and rituals that were active during the European Age of Enlightenment (1650’s to 1820’s). From 1717 onward Speculative Masonry evolved into a multi-degree ritual system. What happened next influenced the development of many masonic degree systems and are important Legends of the Craft.

The Symposium features four lecturers of great renown in the Masonic cosmos:

Josef A. Wäges - “Stephen Morin and the Baylot Manuscript – The Origins of the Order of the Royal Secret 
Piers Vaughan - “The Magician, the Mystic and the Mason – The unlikely origin of the Rectified Rite”

 E. Oscar Alleyne - “The Legend of Comte de St Laurent and his role in Scottish Rite Freemasonry”

Arturo De Hoyos - “Early Scots Masonry, the Royal Arch, and the Scottish Rite.
The evening festive board will feature a special dinner ritual modified from one in use during the Age of Enlightenment. During the ritual, each guest lecturer will be humorously “asked” to favor the assembled Brethren with a few legends and earned lessons from their journeys, to prove they are indeed lecturers.

Organizers promise, "The dinner will be a summertime feast, with an independence day theme and we will consume copious amounts of Tea Party Punch a revolutionary version of the 18th century Dickens."

Check in begins at 11AM, and the Symposium begins at Noon. Dinner begins at 5PM.

Tickets are $55 + $4.09 processing fee; or $85 which includes Tracing Coin and Pin set ($50 value)

1 comment:

  1. What a marvelous event! I know I am obligated to restrain my passions ... but the green monster of envy is fully in charge of my Masonic Mind at the moment.

    George Brooks
    Georgia & Florida Mason
    Wondering about the Effort
    To be a New York Mason


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