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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Grand Master Facebook Scam Alert

The following message was posted of the Facebook page of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska  AF&AM on Friday morning:
Grand Master Facebook Scam Alert 
Even the office of Grand Master of Masons is not immune to modern-day internet hackers. I am sending this notification to make you aware that a currently anonymous scammer has created a bogus Facebook account in my name and is attempting to swindle you out of your money in the name of providing Masonic Relief to a fellow Mason. For those of you using Facebook, you know that social media network is fraught with scammers; many of you have had your accounts “hacked” over the years. Last week someone hacked mine and began sending messages and attempting to “friend” various people, including brother Masons. They went on to create a bogus Facebook profile that shows my Grand Master portrait and my 2018 Grand Lodge Officers. DO NOT accept a request or otherwise communicate with this account, which appears to be coming from me. It is not.

Thanks to vigilant brothers, I was made aware of this scam. The scammer had reached out beyond my own Facebook friends list, so even if you and I are not Facebook friends, they may find you. Someone posing as me reached out to brother Masons and asked for assistance setting up a PayPal account to solicit funds for a needy brother from “Sunny Slope Lodge No. 124,” a lodge that doesn’t exist in Nebraska. I hope none of you were victimized by this person; if you were, contact Facebook to report it. If you hear of this occurring in other Masonic Grand Jurisdictions, please let me know. I suspect the scammers are taking advantage of the goodwill of Masons everywhere.
No Grand Master should ever reach out to you asking personally for funds in this manner. If you receive such a request, report it to Facebook immediately and inform the Grand Lodge of Nebraska at (402) 475-4640.
Regards,Patrick D. BargerGrand Master

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