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Monday, May 21, 2018

Update On Japan

In March, I reported on recent actions within the Grand Lodge F&AM of Japan (see Turmoil In Japan) that included expulsions, a charter being suspended, the resignation of the Grand Secretary, and more. 

Norihiro Inmata, PGM
Word has come this weekend out of Japan that the Grand Lodge convened an extraordinary Communication on Friday, May 18th in order to handle some of the fallout from their annual meeting back in March. The result is that MW Norihiro Inmata, Past Grand Master (2016), has just been reinstated, and the charges against him, along with his expulsion, have been thrown out.

Additionally, the charter of historic Far East Lodge No. 1 has been reinstated by the Grand Lodge. 

The current Grand Lodge of Japan website has not yet been updated to reflect the changes, but it's early yet.

Philip A. Ambrose, PGM, PGS

Meanwhile, the immediate Past Grand Secretary and Past Grand Master (2002), Philip A. Ambrose (photo at left), has reportedly left Japan.


  1. A real great positive outcome for the Brethren to dwell in unity and harmony.

  2. May I ask your reason why you have to add GLOfJapan PGM Departure?

    Bro TJ Pecson

    1. Br. Pecson.... I think if you ask around to other members of the GLoJ you can figure it out. I'd start with member of Far East #1.


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