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Sunday, May 13, 2018

New GM Of New Jersey Is On A Roll

I seem to be shouting out to old friends this week – maybe that's just the natural byproduct of being in the fraternity almost 20 years.

The Grand Lodge of New Jersey has had its share of internal troubles and disputes in the past, but they seem to have truly turned things around in the last couple of years. This year, my old friend MW Roger B. Quintana has been elected as Grand Master of New Jersey, and knowing him over the years, I had a sneaking suspicion he would shake things up when he got to the Grand East. 

Indeed he has.

Roger was just installed a month ago. Since then he has accomplished the following:
  • New Jersey can now open and do business on the EA and FC degree.
  • Lowered the number to constitute a new lodge from 50 to 25.
  • Allowed the ritual to be translated to other languages for approval.
  • Allowed the Chamber of Reflection as a tool to lodges that want it.
  • Re-recognized Cuba.
  • Made Senator Robert Menedez a Mason on sight.
  • Established on the Grand Lodge level a RW Grand Education Officer and RW Disrict Education Officer, separate from Ritual Instructors.
  • Established a RW Grand Almoner.
  • Establishing four new affinity lodges.
That was just his first month. And he promises more coming soon.

Any time I get a chance to chat with men on their way to being grand master in their jurisdiction, I always beg them to use their superpowers for Good, not Evil. Pass laws, adopt rules, and issue edicts that get out of the way, that encourage improving the lodge experience, and that help lodges to demand greatness of themselves. 

Roger's clearly doing that, and he's on a roll.


  1. A grand master who is showing what leadership is about. Let's hope he keeps it up and that it is contagious. Fortunate New Jersey. It will be interesting what he does about Tenn. and Georgia and the Naughty Nine.

  2. I'm not a fan of making Masons on sight, especially politicians. However, the other activity is all very exciting!

    1. I read elsewhere he was recognized as an honorary Mason. Either way, I'd like to know the motivation.

    2. I agree making him a Mason this way bc he is a politician sounds fishy. The other things sound great.

  3. Is it me? Or is his gavel Mjolnir?! LOL love it!

  4. Yes it is, we gave it to him at his reception

  5. This is exciting. The successful leadership of American Masonic grand jurisdictions depends partly on having a truly PROGRESSIVE LINE. It seems New Jersey has one.

    And no, Lawrence, it is not you. That gavel does look alot like Mjolnir. Something only a son of Odin or a Grand Master Mason could handle.

  6. I'm sorry Brothers what is a Mason on site?

    1. Making a Mason "at sight" (NOT "on site," nor "on sight") is a prerogative that Grand Masters have had ever since the publication of James Anderson's Constitutions in 1723, but it is one of the most contentious topics you'll ever find in Freemasonry. Essentially, it is the ability to confer all three degrees in an abbreviated form – whatever form the Grand Master deems to be appropriate.

      The practice was far more commonplace in the early years of grand lodge systems, before they became steeped in regulations. Today, many grand lodges forbid the practice, others permit it, and most don't even address it at all. These days (and probably even originally, as well), it is primarily used to make a notable public figure or celebrity a Mason without him having to fulfill all of the proficiency requirements before advancing to each degree. In these days of One day Classes, proficiency has often been relaxed in these jurisdictions anyway, so it's considered far less shocking than it was between about 1800 and 1990.

  7. Thank you for posting the specifics of what the MW Grand Master of NJ has done. These are excellent specifics for all Grand Lodge jurisdictions to consider.


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