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Friday, May 26, 2017

Boynton Lodge Esoteric Research Group Presents Charles Dunning Jr. 7/15/17

Boynton Lodge 236 in Boynton Beach, Florida has had its own robust esoteric research group for many years now, and has invited numerous notable guest speakers for their events over the years. 

On Saturday, July 15th, 2017 the Boynton Lodge Esoteric Research Group (affectionately known as "Blerg") will host Charles "Chuck" Dunning, Jr., author of Contemplative Masonry, who will present a seminar that explores the concepts described in his book.

From the event website:
Part of the work that has become Contemplative Masonry first appeared on the internet in 2000 as an anonymously authored guide to the exploration of Freemasonry through contemplative practices like prayer, meditation, breath work, chanting, and visualization. Sixteen years later, the original author of that material, C.R. "Chuck" Dunning, Jr., has come forward with a substantially expanded edition for those seeking to utilize Masonic symbolism and teachings in a way that is practical, accessible, inspiring, and profoundly transformative. Contemplative Masonry is a much-needed resource for Masons seeking to undertake the challenging and rewarding work of deep self-knowledge and self-improvement. Brother Dunning provides Freemasons with a unique system of practices derived directly from the Degrees of Craft Masonry, without reliance upon other religious, spiritual, or esoteric traditions. He also shares the valuable wisdom and insights that come from decades of personal experience with contemplative practices.
This event is open to Masons only. All MMs MUST bring a valid dues card. All EAs and FCs MUST be accompanied by a MM with a valid dues card who is willing to vouch for them. Brethren are expected to dress in jacket and tie.

Cost of the seminar is $30 and includes lunch. Registration begins at 10:00AM and the seminar starts at 10:30AM. The event concludes at 3:00PM.

Registration is required. Visit their Eventbrite website HERE.

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