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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Grand Master of Oklahoma Suspends Recognition of GL of Arkansas

The Grand Master of the MW Grand Lodge of AF&AM of Oklahoma, MW Dudley R. Smith, has issued an edict dated October 31st, Decision No. 3, officially suspending recognition of the Grand Lodge of Arkansas. (Click the image above to enlarge it.)

It reads, in part:
"The conventions whereby one Grand Lodge recognizes another evolved from principles promulgated by the United Grand Lodge of England in 1929 to define the relationships between Masonic jurisdictions... 
The Grand Lodge of Arkansas has diverged from these principles on more than one occasion, especially in the areas of the right to transfer membership and the right to due process in the administration of Masonic discipline."
The annual communication for the GL of Oklahoma will take place November 11th, at which time the voting members will decide whether to affirm the GM's edict or not.

The problem has been brewing since around 2012, when the Grand Secretary's office in the GL of Arkansas began an unofficial policy of failing to issue letters of good standing for Arkansas Masons who wished to transfer their membership out of state - reportedly to those jurisdictions that recognize their Prince Hall counterparts, but to Oklahoma especially. That said, the Grand Master's edict does not provide the details behind his reasons. He will apparently present them with more specificity at the annual communication next week.

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  1. Wow... As an oklahoma mason, i am surprised, but not surprised. I have a huge amount of respect for our grand master (he goes by "Ridge"), and as well as the last 2 recent GMs (ive only been a mason since 2014, so i dont want it to be taken the others werent as great). In fact last years GM is a member of my lodge (as well as several others). They all represent with great integrity masonry in oklahoma (and i say that as someone speaking anonomously with no ambition but to be a good member of my lodge... Im not trying to kiss anyone's butt to get a spot in the good ol boy system). But unfortunately i feel for the brothers of arkansas who have been cut off from masonic fellowship through no fault of their own. In the end, may brotherly love prevail.

  2. Proud of Oklahoma. Wish more GL'S would follow this example. Arkansas is not the greatest example of The Craft. Actually they are opposite of it

  3. A good example of maintaining integrity and standards that other grand masters and grand lodges should heed. Congratulations to Oklahoma -- you understand what Masonry is about.

  4. The number of expulsions from Arkansas is troubling. From everything we've seen coming out of their Grand Lodge though, I can't say I'm surprised. It probably won't be long before the brothers themselves in Arkansas force a change - either by calling for a special meeting of the grand lodge or through the courts.

    1. I wouldn't count on that. This has been going on for many years through many Grand Masters' administrations. And honestly I think members are scared to speak up, they'll be targeted next.

      Dave Brown
      GL of Mass

  5. Congratulations, MW Brother Smith, on having the courage and conviction to put the principles of Freemasonry first. The Brethren of OK should be proud. I hope others follow your example.

  6. Congratulations, MW Brother Smith, on having the courage and conviction to put the principles of Freemasonry first. The Brethren of OK should be proud, and I hope others follow your great example of leadership.

  7. Everyone that has spoke out or that has moved to help make things right has become a target. I fear for the fate of Masonry in Arkansas if our members as a whole don't stand up and make things right in February!

  8. Billy Joe is a sensitive man. He has overlooked previous affronts by the Oklahoma Grand Lodge, but I feel sure this latest uncharitable act has wounded him deeply. He may feel he has no recourse other than filing charges of unmasonic conduct against MWGM Smith and trying him for his many crimes. It will be for the good of the fraternity, of course.

    Remember brothers, Billy Joe loves you! If my word is not good enough, check with the members of Green Grove #107 in Conway Arkansas. Billy Joe took time out from his busy schedule to pay them a recent fraternal visit.

  9. Serious question... but seems like a brilliant move for arkansas masons... Leave and go join an arkansas prince hall lodge, or get a dispensation to form their own if they dont have one in their area. Could you imagine?!?

  10. Let The Truth be known!!!!
    A Distict Deputy of Arkansas gets Suspended.
    He signs a Document of Suspension,
    instead of going to Trail.
    The reason he got suspended was:
    He got up in his home Lodge in Arkansas
    and tried to sway a vote of The Officers,
    in that Lodge, to vote for an EA to let him come back after three years.
    Our Digest of Laws says:
    If one person objects, it will be six months,
    before that person can try again.
    You must have the whole consent of that Lodge.
    When a Ditrict Deptuty tries to intervene with the vote of the Lodge and tries
    to make all the Officers and Members of a Lodge fill guilty, for not voting in favor of.
    That is unjust!
    All the Members of that Lodge were
    going to quit coming to Lodge, for what he did.
    That is what he was suspended for.
    He could have went to trial, But he would have lost.
    So, He turned Oklahoma against Arkansas.
    And who ever that will here him.
    It is unjust to believe one side of a Story.
    Why didn’t The GrandMaster’s of each State,
    talk to each other and find out what truly happened,
    Instead of believing one side is a story!🤔🤔🤔

  11. Let The Truth be Known!!!!
    The Grand Lodge of Kansas has been lied too!
    Now, Oklahoma Too!
    Under The Arkansas Digest of Laws says, I will not knowily sit with a Suspended Mason.
    Why did Oklahoma and Kansas talk to a Suspened Mason and Believe one side of a story without hearing both sides?
    One was a Member of The Grand Line of Arkansas and the other was a District Deputy!
    Both broke The Digest of Laws.
    Now, They are in a tempt to turn all Grand Lodge’s of Neighboring States against The Grand Lodge of Arkansas.
    Who broke their Obligations!!!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔


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