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Saturday, November 19, 2016

GM of New York Issues Post-Election Message

In the wake of the recent U.S. presidential election, emotions have been running extraordinarily high, and unfortunately, many Freemasons have been unable to subdue their passions, most especially on social media outlets and in public. Sadly, Brother has been turned against Brother, and some public exchanges have been truly unfortunate, indeed.

The Grand Master of New York, MW Jeffrey M. Williamson, has felt the need to remind his members that, among other things, Freemasons by our very definition, are expected to have "a high level of thought and discourse," and "to work diligently, live creditably and act honorably by all men.”

The Reverend James Anderson in his first Constitutions was writing about religious acceptance, but most Masons over the years have applied the sentiment of his opening Charge to all potentially contentious matters between Brethren: 
"...leaving their particular Opinions to themselves; that is, to be good Men and true, or Men of Honour and Honesty, by whatever Denominations or Persuasions they may be distinguish’d; whereby Masonry becomes the Center of Union, and the Means of conciliating true Friendship among Persons that must else have remain’d at a perpetual Distance."
The GM's entire message is above. Click the image to enlarge and please read it.


  1. It's very reluctant that such ordinances have to be re-iterated to "honorable men," but in their defense we are all human.

    I pray for the expedient restoration of order and brotherly love among the Craft.

  2. Social media has revealed a lot about some men..other issues have came up and brothers have acted in ways that are unmasonic..these are trying times...definitely teaching moments..we must admonish brethren to always be square...as our days as apprentices should be far behind us...there must be a distinguishable difference in a masonic brother and other men...great word#proactive leadershp

  3. The problem now, and I've seen it first hand, a brother gets behind his screen and says things in the heat of the moment, that he would never say to that persons face. It's too easy now...

    Wor Todd Foster
    Lygonia #40 Ellsworth, ME

  4. Such special proclamations highlight the need of Freemasons to hold notions of tolerance and anti-fanaticism --- the historical centralities of Freemasonry (at least philosophically) ---- as the crucial gist of the fraternity. If there are people who guide the fraternity in any way that are not committed to the centrality and seriousness of Masonic philosophy in this vexed time they would do well to find something else to do. Our culture NEEDS the tolerant vision of Masonry now more than ever. If those guiding the Craft in any way are not committed to the seriousness of the endeavor, or lacking the requisite knowledge to carry it out according to Masonic tropes, it will be seen by history as utterly unconscionable that rah-rah social club notions were allowed to continue in place of real seriousness. It is either/or. And let history be the judge of lukewarm believers in Masonic tolerance, and those with blase indifference to the complexity of its teachings on the same.

  5. You guys just don't get it.

    This isn't about politics.


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