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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Speaking in Louisville Next Week

I will be speaking in Louisville, KY on Thursday, August 20th at Buechel Lodge No. 896. This will be their Past Masters night and will meet at the new Kosair Shrine Center, with dinner at 6:30PM and my talk at 7:30. I will be speaking on the Masonic origins and misconceptions of Washington DC. I'm looking forward to being there. The Shrine is located at 4120 Bardstown Road in Louisville.

The next week, I am traveling to Cleveland, Ohio to go to the Cleveland Clinic for three days to see if their doctors can determine why my back hurts all the time, and why I pace the living room for twelve hours a day.  After four years, no one has been able to figure this out, so fingers crossed.

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  1. Hope to see you while you're in town, Bro. Chris!

    Darrell G. Waddell


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