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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Lexington (KY) Lodge No. 1 Masonic History & Study Group

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The legend of Hiram is one of the most impressive allegorical dramas of all time and is the heart of the three degrees. The legend is supposed to each us specific Masonic lessons. But what are they?

Join the Craftsman History & Study Group on April 23rd in Lexington, Kentucky for a presentation entitled "The Invention of the Legend of the Temple, Hiram Abiff and the Ruffians" at Lexington Lodge No. 1, at 7:00PM. No meal will be served. Due to the topic of the meeting, only Master Masons may attend.

For more information, contact The Craftsman at this link.

The Masonic History and Study Group was formed in 2011. The Lodge is located at 3112 Harrodsburg Road next to Fire Station #20-  It is a modern, one level facility with ample parkingLexington Lodge and The Craftsman's Education Program instituted in 2011.  The group provides an interactive experience and discussion forum regarding both historical and present-day Masonic events and trends within the Fraternity. 

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