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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Large Masonic Collection on Ebay This Week, Hobart, Indiana

A man in Hobart, Indiana is selling his extensive Masonic collection on Ebay, and the current price is just $800.

Click here to see it.

The auction ends in six days, and the buyer has to pick it up.

Here is his list:

Today I am selling my entire masonic & Shrine Collection. I have been collecting for over 15 years and have acquired a lot of old and rare one of a kind items related to freemasonry and the shrine. Ebay only allows 12 photos so I did the best I could do at grouping them for photographs. Below is a list of all that will be in the Lot and I do know much more about a lot of the items, but it will be too long to list. Some items are not pictured.
4- masonic swords
3- belts
1- Scottish rite sash
1- masonic alter 1920s??
1- large bible 1960s??
1- masonic worshipful masters chair 1866
1- scythe
1- treasures desk 1880s
1- engraved Robert burns 21x30 picture
1- 1925 Scottish rite class photo
1- 1908 Scottish rite class photo
1- 11x14 masonic presidents photo
1- framed fathers lodge poem 1947
1- 1955 masonic plate
1- green masonic ashtray
9- shrine fez's
1- fez case
5- decanters
1- masonic door handle
1- stewards jewel
1- masonic trowel
1- commemorative medallion
2- masonic pillows
1- masonic ballot box
1- york rite hat with case
1- arch box missing pieces
5- masonic/york rite wall mounts??
3 sets bookend holders
7- glassware/ flask shrine, masonic, and york rite  dating from 1898 to 1908??
1- shrine ashtray 1963
1- decorative paper weight
2- door knockers 
1- medal masonic ashtray 
1- world war I or world war II winchester trench artwork with shell with masonic symbols
1- decoupage old bowl 
1- 1974 ashtray
miscellaneous jewels and coins
1- tylers jewel
1- masonic pocket watch
1- decorative wall plate??
3- wood gavels 
3- medal wall plaques 
1- set york rite gloves
1- lamb skin apron
1- medal masonic stamp dispenser
books: secret society a history, history of the knights templars, the knights templar and their myth, the secret history of free masonry, the little book of freemasonry, the secret founding of america, robert burns selected poems, mackey's symbolism of freemasonry 1946, lexicon of freemasonry 1914, 1965 ahiman rezon 5965, history of the scottish rite valley of indianapolis 1924, morals of dogma 1921, the little book of the holy grail, the lost keys of freemasonry 1942, masonic symbols in american decorative arts 1976, the first crusade a new history, poetry of freemasonry 1895, miscellaneous pamphlets and catalogs

If there are any questions I will answer the best I can. This is for pick up only, Hobart IN. Winner will need to bring boxes and packing material for glassware. Items are located in a basement and I will be able to help lift large items. This is my personal collection and will not separate out for single purchase items.

Thank You

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  1. Wow, that WMs chair is worth the starting bid alone! Unfortunately I'm out in California and am pretty sure that doesn't qualify as "Local Pickup" ~Kevin Hyder, Irvine Valley #671 GL-CA


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