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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Serbian Grand Lodges to Merge and Open University

Proposed Masonic Center in Belgrade

From a Serbian website on July 1st, written by Marko Lopusina, very roughly translated by Google:
"Freemasons To Run University"

At the annual conference of the United Grand Lodges of Serbia (UVLS) in Belgrade, gave the 400 delegates the approval for the construction of the first Mason University, and to start the process of unification of Serbian Masonry.
"We agreed that one of our mission, which will contribute to progress and UVLS, but our society is the establishment of a higher education institution where professors and lecturers will be Serbian Masons and brothers from abroad. For students, we provide scholarships," says Vladimir Markovic, a master UVLS. "The goal is to educate the Masons, to raise the quality of education in Serbia and help stop the "brain drain" in the world. We have adopted the project of building an entire Masonic complex in which we make our first university." 
It is planned that in Belgrade next year to work in rented premises, the Academy of Arts begins, and that by 2017. University Masonic building with boarding. It will be the only public institution of the fraternity of Freemasons in the Balkans and in many ways unique in the world. The United Grand Lodge of Serbia was created in June 2006. as a regular, independent and sovereign Masonic organization, under its protection has 20 lodges in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Loznica, Krusevac, Zrenjanin. 
The only constant has its temples in Vozdovac in Novi Sad. "We realized that weaknesses in education were a major cause of the disunity of Serbian Freemasonry. We want you to better educate young people and realize the process of unification of Serbian Freemasonry," Markovic said. In his view, the essence of Freemasonry is a royal art creation, kindness and humanity. True Masons are good men with virtues, says Markovic, for example the writer Milorad Pavic, who was "a beautiful and noble brother." UVLS has already begun a dialogue with the Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia (RVLS) to pool together and create a unified Serbian grand lodge, in order to comply with the principle of brotherhood that exists in one state's one single, large lodge.  
"For the compilation, we got the support of five of the United Grand Lodges of the Grand Lodge of Germany and Austria. Their brothers will be the mediators of the agreement and the members UVLS RVLS, as the only two legitimate grand lodges in Serbia," Vladimir Markovic reveals. The first talks will begin in August. The process of unification of Serbian Freemasonry provides that UVLS and RVLS, which have 500 active members, will first first exchange recognition, and then adopt a new name and a unique constitution. 
Grand Master Vladimir S. Markovic is a businessman from Belgrade. Born in 1962. year. For the grand master was elected to the Assembly UVLS 2007th year. In Masonic circles he is known as an advocate of unification the Masonic grand lodges. He is married with three children.

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  1. Dear Brother, there is a lot of confusion in this article, mainly because of the original author of it.
    He also wrote a book on Serbian Freemasons and collected all of his information from Serbian newspaper articles and Internet Forums. So guess how that ended up.

    The problem is that the UGLS already "united" all of the Freemasons in Serbia, at least in their opinion, and that was their press release when it's predecessor was formed, named Grand United Lodge of Serbia!
    Their press release at that time failed to mention that the men who formed this GULS were actually previously all expelled from their Mother GL's (i.e. Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia, Grand National Lodge of Serbia, Lodges of Grand Orient of France in Serbia) and some other irregularly constituted bodies.
    This so called unification lasted only a couple of months and that's when from GULS spawned all these minor groups calling themselves Grand Lodges, some having only 30 members, and pretending to be regular and recognized.
    One of the major groups is the mentioned United Grand Lodges of Serbia (UGLS), other groups include even some malicious ones, like the one using the exact same name as the Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia!

    SO, the key problem or word here is REGULARIZATION!
    There can be NO unification or integration of these clandestine Masons without the process of their regularization. The problem is that some are too proud to again start from the first step - Entered Apprentice!

    Another problem is, what to do with the "original sinners" who were already expelled from the RGLS, like the GM of UGLS?


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