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Monday, January 02, 2012

R.I.P. G.O.U.S.A.

I received this today, what amounts to an epitaph for the short-lived Grand Orient of the USA, an irregular group that generated much heat and very little light on the web. Perhaps other members can shed some illumination on the details. Calmly.

Bro. Chris, as one who has always cared for truth and facts, I wanted to inform you that perhaps this is the last information you get on GOUSA. For the past month, all GOUSA websites have been turned off and I’ve been told by someone (Ms. Qeresh Cesar) who is friends Mr. Dale Brown (last GM appointed a few months ago) that GOUSA has closed its doors for good. In looking at Halcyon Charities (who really are the ones that own the building GOUSA claim as their own http://www.halcyoncharities.org/) the square and compasses on top of the door seems to have been blurred on purpose so it no longer points to a Masonic organization. Even Halcyon Lodge’s website which was hosted on separate servers from GOUSA’s site is turned off.

Personally, I think this was a great idea but the people who decided to executed when crazy with power and drove this idea to the ground, now making it a lot more difficult for others to move Continental Freemasonry forward in the U.S. I think it will be a while before a good respectable group of liberal freemasons are taken seriously, leaving Benjamin Franklin (then man) as the last great Modern freemason in the U.S.

Thank you very much to you for always keeping all brethren, of all persuasions , in the U.S. up to date with everything that goes on in and out of mainstream freemasonry.

I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2012.

Frat. David Tamayo, PM.

I did go and look at the Halcyon website, and they have not obliterated their building's connection to Freemasonry. They discuss it in the History section.


  1. Hmmm...The gomasons.org website is still up, but it looks like the last update was this past October.


  2. Methinks the ordinarily erudite Mr. Tamayo was a bit tipsy - or something - when he wrote this (if, in fact, he did). In all of his other material that I'd seen, I don't recall a single grammatical error but this is full of them. Of course, he does have an axe to grind with them, as I understand it, so maybe it's just the glee getting to him.

    Nevertheless, the websites have been a mess during December. Sirius Lodge's was 'assimilated' but as of today is back with a GOOFUS generic site. Their much-touted Tracing Board site has been gone for months and even the Facebook page has been pretty much abandoned.

    I've got a bunch of updated information on wwww.masonicinfo.com/goofus.htm and the pages underneath including one on the Halcyon Hogwash we've seen so much of here in the past.

    And, if Tom Coste was right, why should Halcyon be having problems since they had Jeff supposedly there helping them out....?

    More 'shuck and jive'.

    Ed King
    Webmaster, www.masonicinfo.com

  3. I did go and look at the Halcyon website, and they have not obliterated their building's connection to Freemasonry.

    Oddly enough, looking at http://www.halcyoncharities.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Temple2.jpg
    it does> appear that the S&C in the picture of their building has been photoshopped and is less clear ... which pretty much is what was stated "the square and compasses on top of the door seems to have been blurred on purpose"

  4. As a liberal mason, I'll always shudder at their arrogant title of being "liberal". Freemasonry's meant not to be liberal or conservative. It embodies members from both spectrums. They become hypocrites in claiming liberal jurisdiction as if it makes them more open minded. I cherish the right wing friends I've made here.
    A Liberal Freemason
    Seamus S.
    GL of PA & GL of CT

  5. Most likely Bro King is right, in about six months there will be a new organization with a fresh new coat of paint, same caustic attitude. This group jumped the shark in 2009. It's time to give up the ghost, but most who have been on the Masonic blogsphere knows that won't happen.

    So is it safe to say that their theme song for 2012 will be Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again"?

    -Bro Vick

  6. The road to hell has always been paved with good intentions. In the US the mainstream is clearly in disorder, despite the claims otherwise by those who would have you believe the decaying lodge buildings, and the now leased(formerly owned) masonic temples are part of a master plan.

    The craft did not guard it's west gat as it should have. that at least is clear now. even most mainstream lodges have recognized this.

    the GOUSA if nothing served the purpose of bringing these things to light, albeit most of the time in a less than masonic manor.

    There are many other Continental systems growing in this country already. Rather than face the open attacks etc from many mainstream masons who have forgotten the purpose of their working tools, these continental lodges keep focused on their work.

    The blog sphere, and forums have proved to be un-masonic and volatile in most cases.

    I encourage those of you with masonic hearts to watch as many grand lines are currently doing. Female masonry, and mixed masonry is on the rise, many grand lines are already reaching out to these organizations to establish informal communications.

    So brother Tomayo, Chin up brother. Continental masonry has not slowed, we have simply chosen to stay out of the electronic spotlight, and focus on our work.

  7. Female masonry, and mixed masonry is on the rise, many grand lines are already reaching out to these organizations to establish informal communications.

    Are they? I'm afraid I haven't heard about this. Perhaps you can enlighten us by naming the regular Grand Lodges who are doing so.

    I'm also sorry to say that I have yet to hear or see anything of substance that the GOUSA has "brought to light." I dare say the US "mainstream" is in no more "disorder" than it has ever been. There are some regrettable issues here and there, as there have pretty much always been -- we are dealing with mortals, who are imperfect, after all. The real difference is the ability to hear about and discuss such matters in a manner that was never possible before the advent of the internet. By the same token, the GOUSA would never have gotten the attention it has received prior to the internet as it has existed almost entirely in "cyber space."

    Richard Muth, PM

  8. Brother Richard

    GOUSA did not exist entirely on the internet. Many dedicated hard working members belonging to that group did exist in the flesh. SOme still do, although the current status of the group is unknown outside of its membership. It was a small group, yes, compared to systems established for 150-200 years, but everyone starts small.

    I am a personal witness to the fact that the mainstream Grand Lodge of California had an unofficial representative at the Grand Lodge level visit the GOUSA annual communication in Cleveland in 2009.

    The hard part about proving any communication between the groups is that it is a Masonic offense for "mainstreamers" to talk to those "beyond the pale". In the case I mentioned above, the representative from California wore Grand Lodge I.D. and mingled with the Brothers in attendance. When Lodge was actually open or degree work was performed, he went up into the mezzanine level and watched so it could never be said he attended. He did not sign the guest register, but he was there, I assure you.

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  10. Jeeeeez - whatever.

    Believe what you want, he was there.

    (Remember Mission Impossible?)

    However, I did mis-state the date. It was 2010, not 2009. Sorry

    Email me if you wanna pig-wrestle, my Brother.

    Kindly sign your comment posts. Anonymous postings on Masonic topics have the same status as cowans and eavesdroppers, as far as I am concerned, and may be deleted.

    How many seem to conveniently miss that admonition posted there by the blog owner. A new hidden identity, brand-spanking new in this very month of a new year wants to be accepted as telling us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Yeah, right!

    And would that "unofficial" person have the knowledge of the GL of California that this happened? Not bloody likely. In fact, it's reminiscent of what John Slifko used to do. Let's see: there are two people in California who were GOOFUS related. Maybe it was one of them and you just THOUGHT it was a California Mason?

    Like EVERYTHING, just more obfuscation and deceit. Too embarrassed to admit facts, they lie to themselves and others too. It's a shame.

    It's a shame too that we all have treated this bunch like 'almost Masons' when there's no more connection between them and Masonry than my dog and a highway grader.

    Oh - and I'm not afraid to sign my name, Mr. Abiff. You shouldn't be either if you want credibility.

    Ed King

  12. Sorry, but I have to agree more with "WBS" in that such an "unofficial visit" is far from the Grand Lodge "reaching out" to this organization. It appears more like one individual who was curious.

    I regularly visit lodges throughout the country wearing my name tag that says I am an appointed officer of the GL, but that doesn't mean I am there representing the GL in any manner (expect that my actions will certainly reflect upon it for good or ill). To do so at a "clandestine" Masonic meeting does carry many connotations, however, and the fact that he did not sign-in is telling--as is watching a tiled (?) meeting from a balcony so that you can say you weren't in attendance...

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  14. Yes mr hiram,you are trolling.Kindly sign your name or stop posting. Steve K PM Eugene #11 AF AM

  15. WBS, sir.

    If you will kindly review my comments, you will see that I have made an honest effort to engage in intelligent conversation and have not just tried to start an argument, unless of course the subject matter is something you cannot discuss yourself without starting an argument or without trying to run off those who propose ideas you do not agree with.

    The definition of "trolling" is a deliberate attempt to disrupt a blog, i.e. name calling, slander, etc.

    Not speaking for the owner of this blog, I would think that the disclaimer is announcement to those who would tend to disrupt, that their voice may not be heard under certain circumstances unless they would make their identity known.

    I would also say, not speaking for the owner of this blog, that certain "waivers" to this disclaimer are obviously given depending upon the subject matter, the manner in which the contributor is conducting himself, the respect given to certain people because of their Masonic status, or just because of the entertainment value of certain posts.

    For the record, the owner of this blog knows exactly who I am and probably also knows the identity of many, if not most of the contributors.

    I notice that you yourself have not provided a contact email address so that your own identity could be confirmed in even a rudimentary way. "Signing" a post proves nothing. How do we really know who you are, and who really cares. If you have something of value to contribute, I for one am interested in hearing it.

    This blog is not a venue that you can control by checking dues cards. If you want to do that, start a blog for your Lodge and require proof of Masonic status. Be sure to check the dues card against picture I.D, consult the most recent version of the "List of Lodges" possibly making a phone call to the Grand Secretary to be safe because who you can and cannot talk to does change periodically, and as a final assurance, make sure he knows his Tylers oath by memory. Of course, he will need to demonstrate the grips, words, and signs to your satisfaction.

    Please check the many, many threads on this Website and you will see that the majority of the posts are not signed. Of the ones that are signed, I personally believe that at least some contributors may have ulterior motives for doing so, but that is just my opinion, and who am I to judge?

  16. Just to prove they're not dead, they're posting on their CALIFORNIA blog about making EAs and a FC in Ohio. And on that blog, proudly proclaiming still that they've got the patent from France. (See left column.) http://mercurylodge.blogspot.com/

    It's the story that just never ends....

    Ed King
    Who signs his name with the not-so-ulterior motive of bringing bogus Masonry to the attention of all!


    1. preoccupation: an idea or feeling that completely occupies the mind. "His obsession with figures led him to make crucial economic mistakes."

    2. state of being obsessed: the state of being obsessed by somebody or something. "Their devotion to each other borders on obsession."

    3. psychiatry: uncontrollable persistence of idea: the uncontrollable persistence of an idea or emotion in the mind, sometimes associated with psychiatric disorder

  18. Hiram[Mr Q] Why are you afraid to post your identity? Paranoia?

  19. So...the thread started out discussing GOUSA.

    Then came slander, name calling, and self-promotion.

    Then it moved to a rational contribution concerning Liberal Freemasonry, which is not at all "bogus".

    Then a challenge was issued to discuss actual interaction between mainstream and Liberal Freemasonry.

    The challenge was responded to with a example of fact.

    Then came more slander, name calling, bullying and self promotion.

    So what happened to the rational discussion? Oh, that's right. It takes rational minds to enter into rational discussions.

    So go ahead and keep on dominating the thread until the blog owner has had enough and ends the conversation altogether. That IS the goal, correct?

    If anyone wants to get back on topic, please post something relevant. Hopefully we can exchange ideas and experiences, without the hateful bullying.

    Or feel free to email me personally on the subject. I did post an email address for follow-up unlike some others.

    "Mr Q", ha ha. He thinks I am "Q" from Star Trek fame. How did he ever know? (Must be clairvoyant.)

  20. To remind Mr. Abbiff, or whoever you are, arguing on the point of "Liberal Freemasonry". Your Self Pity gets you nowhere. I love, so much, that I've met right-wing masons that I call my friends.
    I am very liberal. I know it's a privilege, not a right, to be a Freemason. I know we are not political and should not be political. Political parties exist for this reason. PACs, or political action comities, exist for this reason. Freemasonry, however, does not. Contextualize its history and you'll find it's neither meant to be right wing or left wing.
    Mind you, I see no issue with many feminine lodges or even mixed (as smug and arrogant as the latter often is). I understand jurisdictional boundaries of recognition, and, hoping you're smart enough, you'll realize just why they have a place.
    Freemasonry seeks not to tell people how to feel politically, this means gender issues, social issues or political issues. The egalitarian order of freemasonry allows for those of the right, left and moderate leanings of politics to meet in good fellowship.
    You, the clandestine lodges charging themselves as Liberal, seem only interested in self-pity and strife. It's sad. It's especially sad to me, a Liberal and Mainstream (recognized/regular), Freemason.

    There are just as many liberals involved in Recognized Freemasonry as there are conservatives. We're, when working well, a safe haven for a non-partisan environment.

    GOUSA will never be seen as a martyr, rather, I believe it'll be an ignored footnote in the long and mostly triumphant history of Freemasonry.

    There are other esoteric orders, like OTO, that have semi-masonic rites and care not for the petty issues that you cry over. I've known many brethren that are members of OTO, or other groups, as well as non-brothers, who find just as much enlightenment there.

    Try that.


  21. Brother/Mister Seamus (or whoever you are):

    Not quite sure why you got the "self pity" vibe because I surly did not mean to import that impression. My apologies.

    The reference to "Liberal Freemasonry" was intended as a comparison/reference between "mainstream UGLE-based" and "liberal GOdF-based" Masonic bodies, not a philosophical ideology within any group. If you are a member of a "mainstream" Masonic group and espouse 'liberal' attitudes, more power to you.

    As a former member of both "mainstream" and GOUSA, I do not defend the direction that the GOUSA organization has taken but only wish to see that the situation is accurately characterized.

    It would be of value to define the terms "bogus", "clandestine", "irregular", "unrecognized", etc.

    GOUSA, before the withdrawal of its Patent from GOdF, was only "unrecognized" within "mainstream" UGLE-based Masonic organizations.

    It was neither clandestine, bogus or irregular.

  22. Greetings Brethren......
    GOUSA is alive as far as I know?
    In November 16, I initiated 4 women and 1 man from various states. It was done on a saturday at the temple, while we were setting up for an MMA event the charities was to benefit from.
    Then, as I recall, on the night of the Silver Gloves Tournament at the Temple on 1/6/12, more GOUSA members showed up to perform an EA degree and a Fellow Craft, I believe. Unfortunately I was busy working the event to participate in the rituals.
    The Web site issue is an internal one that has to do with future movement by Halcyon and felt there was no need to have much of an internet presence. Plus, our detractors and disgruntled ex members seem to keep us in the loop.
    Having another child and relocating a business has kept me busy, so I have not been masonicaly active on the net. The GOUSA is fine, Halcyon is fine and so is the charities. Thanks for the Love! Also, we still have our patents, those can not be taken back.
    Take care......
    Tom Coste
    Halcyon 2
    Halcyon 498
    Rocky River 703

  23. also, if you don't follow me on facebook, I just had a son, TubalCain Braulio Coste, so I have 2 kids in diapers, which you can understand has me a little busy to blog.
    all is well in Cleveland.........
    maybe too good that the internet is obsolete to us here?
    keep up the work ed.......

  24. It's ironic to see Mr. Tamayo posting anything about the GOUSA. He was the one who wanted to surrender the GOUSA to the French controlled GWU while the American Masons refused to submit to threats from the GWU and GOdF. Now he is a member of the GWU. What has he to complain about?

    If you want to work under foreign leadership then there is a plethora of other liberal Masonic organizations operating in the USA from which you can choose. If, on the other hand, you would prefer to work with Americans then the GOUSA remains a viable option for you.

    The GOdF and GWU tried to seize control of the GOUSA through people like Mr. Tamayo. When that didn't happen they threw a hissy fit and acted like spoiled children. The GOUSA is American and always will be. We have established treaties with other liberal Masonic organizations around the world who were all too aware of what the GOdF and GWU attempted.

    The GOUSA is trying a different approach to Freemasonry. It's not better or worse than any of the other organizations, just different. Whether or not this new approach will be successful is yet to be seen.

    Freemasonry is a life philosophy, and as such, it is not the exclusive domain of any person or organization.

  25. 2 Bowl Cain and Halcyon Lodge 498:

    I stuck with this thread hoping you folks would weigh in.

    I would like to make a suggestion that we all ignore any future efforts to disrupt this venue by hateful bullying. I for one will not respond to those actions and ask others to join me.

    I would welcome a more formal official statement from GOUSA regarding plans for the future, how it views itself after the last "purge", etc. There are two sides to every story and those interested have listened to both sides. We can't change the past. How do you see the future?

  26. The future is what we make it. If people make better choices then the future is better than the past. If not...

    The best possible future in one where people love and respect one another while realizing the frailty of the human body and psyche.

    May God grant us the clarity of mind necessary to understand one another.

  27. As of checking today, the Halcyon Charities website is apparently suspended: http://www.halcyoncharities.org/ Don't know what it means exactly. For Halcyon representative, it should be known that from the start some of us tried to understand, yet were met with general derision and 'better-than-thou'attitudes from GOUSA, which still have not abated. TubalCain being one who spewed the greatest unnecessary vehemence. You might excuse our skeptical response to your suggested hopes for 'understanding', as it has yet to be offered for the most part. Nobody assumed that all the GOUSA members were not Masons; only those, largely the most vocal, who could not manage to meet as Masons should. Having met brothers in the GOUSA who met me on the level, I know there are good men there. Unfortunately, with the acidic tongues spewing hatred for their purported brothers, the organization has a long way to go to convince me. K.N.O.

  28. It has also been pointed out to me that they are $14,000 delinquent on their property taxes, according to the county assessor's records, with another $7,000 coming due quickly. I don't wish bad tidings or the loss of Masonic buildings on anyone, but I seem to recall lots of schadenfreude spewed by Halcyon's new management over the previous trustees.

  29. Was it also pointed out about our discussions with the FED's about certain things that are private and only a concern between Halcyon and the Gov't?
    Probably not.
    Thanks for throwing that out Chris.
    So, since I responded that GOUSA has been making masons the last few months, explained that the websites were going under some changes,(halcyon charities is up, as are the others) we've received the KNO .$.02 and hodapps tax snooping info?
    How either have anything to do with the topic at hand, but hey, it must be slow in the masonic chatter sphere that we willfully left behind us?

    Let me know when more rumors come around from disgruntled tools and I will atempt to give you the truth.

    ps. KNO, why would I or any Halcyon guy care what you think or do?
    just asking.......thanks for weighing in........

  30. http://www.halcyoncharities.org/



    All up and running for your viewing and critiquing pleasures....
    Thanks for the concern.....

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. "ps. KNO, why would I or any Halcyon guy care what you think or do?"

    P.S.Tubal - Where did I suspect you or any Halcyon guy cared, or would do so, and why would I care what you think or do? When I first met individuals involved, I received some positive feedback. I was actually leaning initially toward possibly being interested and supportive of Halcyon when I first heard about it, and strictly was interested in hearing more. Some I met were very brotherly, and some have become good friends and brothers to me. For some others, it feels difficult to see through their words actions much Masonry at all. The rift did not start out perpetual, yet it apparently continues to grow. All-in-all, I now care little for what members of Halcyon thinks of me. I am not a Freemason to improve them or any other person alive. Foremost, I am one to improve myself, and to use that better individual to hopefully build a better world. Though I fervently and honestly hope the best for each and every one of them, I *did* think that people claiming to be my Brothers would offer a slight modicum of respect, as some from GOUSA certainly did. I reciprocated-including you and I on our more pleasant exchanges, of which I will grant have not been overly abundant. So, when someone says they are a Mason, I would think they would have a concern for what I think or do whether they like it or not, as that is what brothers do at their best. That's what humans do at their best.

  33. Once again, Mr. Two Bowl Cane has gone too far in his commentary and I have deleted his remarks. This thread is now closed, since he can't seem to act like an adult.

  34. Regardless if UGLA (whatever name they use these days) are in business or not they are not Recognized as a Masonic Fraternity. We all know who started this group and whatever they are selling most people (Masons) will not buy. If a member of Grand Lodge of California was at their Communications (I didn't think Starbucks could hold that many people) he was not there as a California Mason. I respectfully disagree with any Brother that considers the founder of this group a Mason. If their site is up I can almost guarantee that they do not list their Grand Line. I can go on and on but to me this group and those like them are strictly Bogus Masonry.
    Sincerely & Respectfully,
    Manuel Blanco,PM
    Chino Valley Masonic Lodge
    Chino, California.
    Grand Lodge of California

  35. UGLA,Goofus or whatever name they go by these days has never been "Masonic." It is the invention of one individual who seems to find a few guys here and there to join his club. If this is what they need to validate themselves then good luck. If they are still around I can guarantee that their website does not list their Grand Line of Officers as does almost every Recognized Grand Lodge does that has a website If a California Mason was at their Communications then he did so knowing that he should not have been there. This group and those like them do not represent Freemasonry. These groups in my opinion are simply Bogus Masonry.
    Sincerely & Respectfully
    Manuel Blanco,PM
    Chino Valley Masonic Lodge
    Chino, California
    Grand Lodge of California


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