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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Freemasonry and Lost Symbol Upcoming Media Watch

Tomorrow evening, Friday October 16th, Dateline: NBC will air "Secrets of The Lost Symbol," with an exclusive interview of Dan Brown, shot in the Supreme Council Room of The House of the Temple in Washington DC. I understand Brent Morris and Art DeHoyos were also interviewed for the show (I had a long, fun conversation with the producer the day Brown's book was released, as we both read it simultaneously. If ever there was a time to be a Freemason living in Washington, this last month was it). The show airs at 9PM EST.

"Explore the fact in the fiction surrounding some of Washington, DC's most famous symbols, images, and legends." That's the description of the Discovery Channel's new program, "Hunting The Lost Symbol," which was to premiere this coming Saturday, but has been bumped back to Sunday, October 25th at 8PM and again at 11PM (EST). The 2-hour show features all of your favorite regulars, Mark Tabbert, Brent Morris, Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Koltko-Rivera, me, and Alice VonKannon (my wife and co-author of Conspiracy Theories & Secret Societies For Dummies, and The Templar Code For Dummies). Plus many more.

I have been in the film business for a long time, so I will simply pass along my usual disclaimer: I have not seen the program, a script, or even a rough edit, so I will be as surprised as the rest of you on the 25th.

While visiting Annapolis last week, I was contacted to be interviewed by the Italian language Swiss TV network (they also have French and German language stations as part of their group). It just happened that it was while the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction was in session.

Yes, I know, it's in Italian.

Yes, I know, they misspelled my name.

I was standing on the steps of the House of the Temple with the Swiss TV crew. As we stood there, several Masonic brothers, literally from all over the world, poured out of the door, and we all greeted each other warmly as they headed for their cars to go to meetings. Meanwhile, Masons visiting from out of town wandered up to take pictures and tour the building. One came over to have me sign his book and say what a profound effect Masonry had on his life.

Just at that moment, a car sped by on 16th Street, horn blaring, as the driver screamed out the window, “Freaks! Racists! Masons should die!”

Just to make sure we all got the message, he went around the block and did it again.

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  1. Must be a wonderful feeling to be an "esperto di masoneria."

    When you go back to Italy, you should put that on your calling cards :)


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