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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Secrets of the Founding Fathers" History Channel June 29th

Last November, I was in Washington DC with Digital Ranch Productions being interviewed for a History Channel program, "Secrets of the Founding Fathers." The interviews were based largely on my book "Solomon's Builders."

Brothers Mark Tabbert ("American Freemasons: Three Centuries of Building Communities") and S. Brent Morris ("The Complete Idiot's Guide To Freemasonry") were also interviewed, along with Richard Brookhiser ("Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington"), Steven Bullock ("Revolutionary Brotherhood"), Robert Hieronimus ("Founding Fathers, Secret Societies"), and many others. I have not seen the edited program, and so I can make no promises of how the final product turned out. We shot at Lafayette Park, in front of the Capitol. in Alexandria at Gatsby's Tavern, at the site of the original cornerstone of the Federal City, and in front of the House of the Temple. The production company spent time in Philadelphia and traveled to England, as well.

I noticed today it has appeared on the History Channel schedule for Monday, June 29th at 8PM, and will rerun again at midnight, EST.

Here, then, is the official listing:

Secrets of the Founding Fathers Monday, June 29th 08:00 PM Tuesday, June 30th 12:00 AM

Investigates the history and symbology so prominent in the creation of the United States, and traces the intricate connections of the Founders with Freemasonry, other secret organizations and between each other. How did the trademarks of the highly secretive Masons become integrated into the Great Seal, and on the dollar bill containing the All-Seeing Eye? Did the grid design of the nation's capital--commissioned by George Washington and completed by Pierre L'Enfant--contain occult symbols embraced by the Illuminati in 1776? Did Benjamin Franklin and George Washington deliberately enlist 33 Freemason generals from France to grow the fraternal brotherhood among Masonic nations? Explore the secret (and secretly dark) sides of the men responsible for laying the foundation of the United States.

As I said, I make no promises. I'll be as surprised as you are.

The full broadcast schedule is:

Mon 6/29 8:00-10:00pm
Tue 6/30 12:00-2:00am
Fri 7/3 8:00-10:00pm
Sat 7/4 12:00-2:00am
Sun 7/5 2:00-4:00pm


  1. Bro. Hodapp,

    I have been looking forward to this show since I heard you mention it on an X-Oriente broadcast. I really enjoy the historical side of Masonry, especially in the American and Texas Revolutions. But from the official listing, I am afraid this is going to be 50 minutes of "Was there a sinister plan of the highly secretive Freemasons?", "Do the masons worship the devil", "Was the Father of our country and the other founders secretly involved in the occult" etc. etc.... Then 10 minutes of "We really can't prove any of that" and "no, he was a devout beliver who prayed every day". And by the time they get to the truth everyone has left the room or changed the channel.

    I hope I am wrong. I am looking forward to your part regardless. Thanks for spreading the truth about Freemasonry. I am currently enjoying Solomon' Builders".

    Bro. Nathan Riley
    Cleveland, Texas

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  3. I for one am so tired of the Fraternity being called a Religion. This program has made that suggestion numerous times. The author Epperson is the one that really rubbed me the wrong way. He is clearly anti-masonic and has no knowledge of the Fraternity.

  4. Great show WB Chris. I thought the way you responded to criticism was just beautiful. My wife and I found ourselves chuckling and snickering at the crazy theories.


  5. "A. Ralph Epperson is a certifiable wingnut."

    Ditto for Hieronymous. That professor-overshadowing shtick really took the cake. Gullibility is an absolute requirement for Roscicrucian/theosophical/manly-hall fans.

    "Star families" was a good one too! Is that Knight fellow still a part of your brethren?

  6. No, Knight left when we weren't creepy enough for him. He now thinks the Moon is hollow and was put in place by aliens. And he's co-writing with Alan Butler, who plots the ages of man (literally) by how sophisticated each civilization's sheep breeding is.

    I wish i was kidding.

    Terry wrote:
    Gullibility is an absolute requirement for Roscicrucian/theosophical/manly-hall fans.

    See, now when I say that, the true believers fall all over me like anvils fall on the Coyote.


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