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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Lost Symbol" website

Doubleday has launched a new, "official" teaser website for Dan Brown's new book, The Lost Symbol. The sequel to The Da Vinci Code is due in stores on September 15th, and the rumors still persist that it will be about the Freemasons.


  1. Dan Brown is a decent fiction writer, but as the Fraternity is growing and bringing in younger men... I'm concerned what effect (if any) this will have on the younger guys.

    Perhaps it will encourage membership much like National Treasure.

  2. Hey, thats where I lost my symbol... I've been looking everywhere for it.

  3. The Lost Symbol's twitter feed is pretty interesting. Especially the latest post which alludes to the lost skull of a freemason. A stronger link to the Masonic under(over?)tones in the book?

  4. As of this moment, fully 5 of the 9 tweets on the Twitter page of The Lost Symbol involve a site, a group, or persons who are truly or reputedly connected to Freemasonry. If that does not suggest very, very strongly that Freemasonry will be featured in this book, I don't know what would. This is all laid out in a post on my blog: http://themasonicblog.blogspot.com/2009/06/dan-browns-lost-symbol-will-feature.html

    Chris, thank you for letting us know about this Twitter page business--it would have escaped me entirely.

    Brother Roberts, as far as the effect this may have is concerned, it seems to me that the main effect of this will be to raise the profile of the Fraternity quite a bit. As the "It's About Time!" report from the Masonic Service Association notes, one of Freemasonry's problem is that, in this generation, it is invisible to society at large. The Lost Symbol gives us the opportunity to let the world know that we still exist. In turn, more of the men who are looking for what we offer will then know where to find us. Let's start planning those open houses now!

  5. So far, the Twitter clues are interesting. They seem to be confirming that the book will be about Freemasons and in Washington DC. Just as brown claimed five years ago.

    The lost skull, BTW, was of William Wirt, the first third party presidential candidate in the US, who ran on the Anti-Masonic ticket.

    The clues also lead to other fascinating topics. Brown's had five years to come up with something more involved than just "the Masons built symbols into the streets of Washington DC". The clues in just two days mention Francis Bacon, Albrecht Dürer (have a close look at his "Melancholia I" print sometime), the 10 Commandments, the 6 points of the Star of David, the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

  6. Chris, how the heck did you figure out the first Twitter tweet? Once you said it, it was obvious--but I banged my head on that one for some time without realizing it was an initial letter cipher.

    What do you think of the 8th tweet, "MAEIETCTETAOTHPL" ?

    With awe, --Mark

  7. Actually, I got it pretty quickly. It was "MAEIETCTETAOTHPL" that had me stumped. But it verifies the washington location.

    The Bacon quote, incidentally, led me some interesting places...

  8. Uh, Chris--not to emphasize my humble ignorance too much, but, umm ... just what did MAEIETCTETAOTHPL mean? Or are you saying the 10 C, the 6 P of the SOD, and the 12 S O T Z are what pins down the Washington, DC location?

    As far as the Bacon quote is concerned, there are a couple of places that one might go with that one. What occurred to you? --M.

  9. Turns out it is a four column cipher.


    Read it down each column, and it spells "Meet at the capitol"

    I didn't figure it out.

    As for Bacon, hey, I can't just give EVERYTHING away!

  10. Okay then--if I'm up all night reading The Advancement of Learning, that's not the worst thing I could do with my insomnia. Be well. Thanks for sharing the four-column cipher. --M.


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