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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Masonic Bling: "The Master's Jewel"

A belated note of thanks and admiration for the artistry of Brother Andrew Horn at The Master's Jewel. I have long admired his reproduction of the jewel worn by Sean Connery in The Man Who Would be King, and Alice made me a gift of this beautiful piece back in January.

I had the opportunity to meet Drew in San Francisco in 2007 at the Grand Lodge of California's annual meeting. He does beautiful work that's unlike any other Masonic jewelry you'll find.

Drew is also the operator of the Masonic Ink website, dedicated to the growing universe of Masonic tattoos.

If you've never read Brother Rudyard Kipling's story The Man Who Would be King, go and read it. Or at least see the incredible movie directed by John Houston, starring Sean Connery and Michael Caine, with Christopher Plummer as Kipling. Either way, if you don't bawl like a little girl at the end, you have no heart.

(Yes, that's my autographed photo of Connery in the movie. Yes, he signed it upside down.)

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