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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Article In October Indianapolis Monthly

Indianapolis residents, check out my article "Da Indy Code" in the October 2007 issue of Indianapolis Monthly magazine. Editor Amy Wimmer-Schwarb let me break a whole lot of rules by going longer than they would usually allow, and by adding a sidebar to deal with some of the loonier accusations about Illuminati symbolism (alleged by David Icke's website to be all over Indianapolis).

Best of all was the chance to tell the story of Freemasonry's new growth in Indiana, along with highlighting Indiana Freemason's Hall. And even the full page message from editor David Zivan was about Freemasonry, complete with a great caricature of Washington in his Masonic regalia on the statehouse lawn.

Many thanks to Amy and the staff at IM. Please buy copious quantities for your lodge and your home, including one for every bathroom…

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  1. Oh my, yes, THANK YOU! I was afraid I'd be bored at work today, but now I can read through David Icke's site. I love reading these conspiracy nutbar sites. It is so entertaining.

    I like that torches are symbols for the Illuminati, and can mean absolutely nothing else. People don't actually use them to light things with; no, they're totally nefarious.

    If you haven't alraedy, you should look at some of the youtube videos these people make. Every triangle or picture of people shaking hands is a sign that we Masons control the world! I guess nobody ever shook hands before we existed....


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