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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lodge Vitruvian July Meeting

Lodge Vitruvian had an outstanding one-two punch over the last few days.On Saturday, we initiated a new young man at Schofield House, the tavern that Indiana Freemasonry was first organized in 1818. Schofield House is located in beautiful Madison, Indiana, and it has been restored and maintained by the Grand Lodge of Indiana since the 1970's.

Tuesday evening was our stated meeting and quarterly Festive Board, and we were honored by a visit from a delegation from Michigan: MWB:.Richard H. Sands, PGM of the Grand Lodge of Michigan; and from Golden Rule Lodge No. 159 in Ann Arbor were WB:. Robert L. Murphy, PM, Secretary; WB:.Raymond L. (Ray) Holcomb, PM, Senior Warden; and William B. (Bill) Krebaum, Tiler. I had the great pleasure of meeting most of these brethren at the Midwest Conference on Masonic Education in Evansville earlier this year, and they made the trek down to see just what we're up to at Vitruvian.

Our Worshipful Master Phillipe Garver received deliver of our special, imported Lodge Vitruvian firing glasses, so we could at long last provide "good fire" with our ceremonial toasts at the always outstanding Capri Restaurant. If there was any indigestion to be had, it came from the guest speaker, a certain Dummy who spoke about Masonic sights and landmarks from his research trips to Washington D.C. for Solomon's Builders.


  1. Beautiful glasses, are they for sale?

  2. The glasses are tremendous, Phil did good work there.

  3. PGM Richard Sands is one of the finest and most educated Masons in the Grand Jurisdiction of Michigan. It is an honor to be in his company and to call him a friend.



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