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Saturday, June 30, 2007

"Vitruvian" Sock Puppet Alert

I was recently contacted by a couple of brethren who expressed some alarm over the internet postings of someone who claimed to be a member of my lodge. Apparently, he was argumentative, abusive and not exactly the sort of Mason we hope to cultivate at Lodge Vitruvian No. 767. It turned out that this person was masquerading as a member of the lodge, but none of us had ever heard of him. I was tipped off again this past week that he was attempting to sign up for a forum, so I passed along a note to him to cease claiming membership. Don't know whose sock puppet he is, but he was writing under the name of "Kevin Landers" and provided a non-existent phone number.

His email is branch_adepts@hotmail.com and the header for his email gives the humble name, "Modern Messiah." Indeed.

Here is his erudite missive:

A Mystic Future. A Future of Prophecy. A Chosen Brotherhood.

And exactly what do you think it is, you mean to me? Are you not he who instructs dummies? You can do your watered down work where you are my brother.

Ignorant brother fibbers of the craft, can gather around spewing sympathy for the tales spoken out of the mouths of our 33rd's.

What are they going to do when their light goes down?, when the river is over run as high as a wave when their lives are on the ground, other then tremble, None of them can even hold a Candle up to you Bro. Chris, digest that thought, hypocrits won't see us, they never have but soon they will, it's time, our time now.

We don't wan't you or them and we don't need you or them, dim little lights, forgive me brother for saying so.

We are the chosen ones, the ones who will deliver the message, A message of hope for those who chose to hear it and a warning for those who do not.

So all of you who come in our name, should know, it won't take many numbers to expose you.

Impliment your little lodge Bro. Chris and know that what you think is a start is still part of the end and it will end to, good luck with Indianapolis, we'll be there soon also.

Whew. I'm nervous. And armed.


  1. As a frequent visitor to alt.freemasonry (on Usenet) I've gotten accustomed to sock puppets and other trolls. In fact, just in the last couple of weeks there's somebody who has posted under two dozen different aliases - presumably to bypass the kill files to spew his ravings.

    I've seen people post as me and as some of the other internet brothers. I now consider it to be a badge of honor (sort of) to be targeted by trolls; it means that I've touched a nerve somehow.

    I know, I know - I really should not bait or encourage them. But you know, sometimes playing "Whack-A-Troll" is a great way to let off steam. Look, I'm not a drinker, I watch my diet, and I don't gamble - you gotta allow me one little vice, right?

  2. I knew there was a reason I avoided alt.freemasonry. From what I know second hand the signal to noise ratio is much lower than on the Philalethes list.

    Traveling Man

  3. Alt.Freemasonry was quite a wonderous surprise to me. I had never gotten into Usenet before, and was new to Freemasonry, so I was looking for anything I could find. Boy did I find.

    I've never seen anything like it. How can people have so much time and so many loose screws?

  4. He is quoting many things from the new TOOL album and passing them off as his own in the message above.

    How sad he couldn't be more creative...

  5. What gets me is the unMasonic conduct engaged in by these people who claim to be Masons.

    It should be obvious that lying about who you are is prima facie evidence that you're no Mason (or shouldn't be one).

  6. And, of course, claiming to be a member of a lodge that he seems to have nothing but contempt for.

    As I told him, yes, thanks for your input. Write back if you actually accomplish anything.

  7. WTF. I'm (now) of the belief that all people allowed on the internet should have to take a test for intelligence and sanity first.

  8. Another bunch of seven guys who think they're going to turn Freemasonry into Starfleet heard from.

    Okeydoke. Good luck with that, guys.

  9. Ah yes... sounds like he might find this page helpful...


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