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Monday, June 25, 2007

Thanks To Montana Masons

My deepest and most sincere thanks to everyone who attended the Grand Lodge of Montana's 141st Annual Communication this past weekend. I had a fantastic time. My two days in Bozeman turned into three, and truth be told, I couldn't have been happier. The scenery was magnificent, and the new friendships were even better.

Thanks to everyone who let me rant and rave at the Master Masons' Banquet and still let me stay.

I especially owe my gratitude to now-Past Grand Master Tom Valente and his lovely lady Pat for their great hospitality; to Grand Secretary Reid Gardiner for making everything so easy; to Grand Chaplain Ted Williams for acting as chauffeur, tour guide and dinner check-grabber (I'll get you for that); and to so many brothers too numerous to mention whose company I had the privilege to enjoy.

Congratulations especially to Most Worshipful Brother David Neilsen, Montana's newest Grand Master.

Staying an extra day allowed me to go to the Grand Officers' installation and to see Bozeman's two unique lodge buildings that sit just about two blocks apart: Gallatin Lodge No. 6 and Bozeman Lodge No. 18.

I'm going home a day late, thanks to Northwest Airlines canceling my flight.

Claimed they couldn't find a crew.

Look in the bar...


  1. Now that's entertainment.

    -- Nathan

  2. That's not a bad place to be stuck for an extra day. Count your blessings. It could have been Detroit.


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