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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Rumor: GL of Texas Recognizes Prince Hall GL

There's a hot rumor going around that the Grand Lodge of Texas has voted to recognize the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas. Preliminary reports say the vote was approximately 70% to 30% in favor. No visitation yet, but a crucial step has been taken.

Hats off to my Texas brethren!


  1. I am a Prince Hall Mason and work with several AF&AM Masons. I have been informed that this rumor is indeed true.

    1. Great, as it should be 100% in favor.

  2. Yes it's true. The vote was to close to count. The Grand Master rail roaded it through.

  3. Vision triumphs over the visionless. Sometimes a Grand Master has to rise to the occasion and do what is right for the fraternity, even if there is a vocal group opposing him.

  4. Yes brothers, it is true. I'm currently serving as a Senior Warden here in Texas as a AF&AM. I've made it to the past three open forums @ The Grand Lodge of Texas. There has been much debate over the issue. Most approved the idea each time I went. The main questions however, were about the other Prince Hall "knock off orders PHO, International, modern masons and other clandestine masonic organizations." These groups are the ones that have raised so many questions as they are not legally chartered like PHA. At the open forum's we had many of our brethren attend. Some were black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, and so on. Many are aging brethren. One of my closest friends is a Mason from India. It's not a racial issue as most would have you believe but, rather a restructure and logistical issue. See each Grand Lodge has its own set of Grand officers, committees, appendant Grand bodies and so forth. For both of us to join each other would be to break tradition. In the eyes of both our groups, the tradition and honor of each Grand Lodges must remain intact and not consolidated like a corporate take-over. Texas AF&AM welcomes to its ranks all races so long as they believe in God. I believe the same to be true for Prince Hall Masonry as well, even though I don't know much about there order. We voted to recognize them as a lawfully constituted organization as did the Grand Lodge of England. That is a major step forward for everyone. We can now legally recognize and call each other brother. Thats a big deal. Congratulations is in order for our Prince Hall brethren here in Texas! I'm proud of the fact that it happened in my generation. I believe one day we will be able to sit in lodge with one another, God willing and the clandestine orders don't ruin it for everyone.

  5. This was indeed passed a Grand Lodge but the vote was taken after the election of officers and most of the masons in that were in attendance had left. I have no problem with visitation but The Grand Master should have brought this up while all of the members of Grand Lodge were present. The vote was taken by a show of hands and some masons in attendance who voted were not members of the Grand Lodge of Texas and I think this might be brought up again next year.

    Harry a past master of a af&am lodge in texas


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