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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it

Ah, the old fortune cookie was correct. After five years of shooting my mouth off about what should be done with the Indianapolis Masonic Temple, I was officially elected as a voting member of the Temple Board last night. The 100th anniversary of the building is fast approaching, and much work needs to be done.

The newly remodeled ballroom

With four lodge rooms, four social rooms, two ballroom/dining rooms, plus a floor for the Knights Templar Commandery, the Royal Arch Chapter and the Cryptic Council, one full kitchen, two other food preparation areas, and a 1000 seat auditorium, the building has incredible potential.

The auditorium itself has been opened to the public for music and dramatic programs in the last two years, but is in need of major work. With luck and a lot of work, maybe that will start to happen.

The downtown Feast of St. John dinner was held last night,hosted by Wayne Guthrie Lodge. Close to 80 brethren were in attendance, and an outstanding time was had by all.


  1. Glad to hear things are progressing with the Indianapolis Masonic Temple. Years of bad attitudes had blinded many members to its potential. The auditorium is a jewel. The Lodge rooms great, and convenient to Masons throughout the city. Moreover, downtown is growing, not a shrinking, festering sore. Now is not the time for Masons to jump ship on the inner city, but to prominently display ourselves there. That work was done 100 years ago. Anyway, I was involved a little in the project back in 1995-1999, before moving to New Orleans. Best wishes! Brian C. Reid, Frank S. Land No. 758.

  2. Brother Brian,
    I am incredibly excited over the direction of the new Temple Board. We are committed to returning the building to its original beauty and stature, if not surpassing it. Several new projects are already in motion, and we will have a series of announcements soon. Things are going in a new direction and the Freemasons of Indiana who all have a stake in the ownership of this magnificent structure will be proud to call it the home of Indiana Masonry.

    Have a look at the new Temple website. It was just launched tonight with much more to come.

  3. Brother Chris -

    Thanks for the link. The website looks great. One observation: Check Dwight Smith's book, but I think the second Masonic Temple, at Washington and Capitol, burned a few years before 1907. I think the Lodges and York Rite met in various rented quarters while they, and the Grand Lodge, decided what to do. After two temples on this site (the first of which hosted Indiana's 1851/52 Constitutional Convention, producing our current constitution), the move was made to North Illinois Street.

    Anyway, the pics are great. Glad to see a social room is finally fully furnished! Like a club lounge. Best wishes to you all.


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