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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

AASR-SJ Sovereign Grand Commander Seale Announces Retirement

Illus. Ronald A, Seale, 33°, the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite - Southern Jurisdiction has officially announced his retirement, effective next month. He has served in this position for 16 years, since October of 2003.

The announcement was made in his most recent Grand Commander’s message just published in the July/August Scottish Rite Journal, though it has been known for some time.

The Grand Commander in the Southern Jurisdiction stands for election every two years, but Seale will not do so this August. My understanding is that the SJ does not have a search committee as the NMJ does. Instead, the thirty-three members of their Supreme Council will hold a closed session in mid-August to elect their new Commander for the new two-year term of office.

Best wishes to Ron Seale and his wife 'Sunny' as they finally rediscover what "free time" looks like.


  1. Arcangelo Cocco, PM∴July 16, 2019 4:05 PM

    I had the honor of meeting Illus. Ron Seale twice. Both times, I found him to be down to earth, intelligent and witty. I will miss him.

  2. Nice, finally we have a Mason who knows when it is time to retire and give another Brother a chance to lead for the good of the Rite.

    I think Illus. Ron Seale did a good job in continuing the invaluable "Forms and Traditions" of the Scottish Rite for the SJ and his focus on Masonic education will benefit future generations.

    Tough shoes to fill. A Sovereign Grand Commander has to be Charitable, Patriotic, Political, Philisophical, and have a keen business sense. Good luck to our next leader!

    Tom- Proud Scottish Rite member, SJ, since 1995.

  3. The new commander will face formidable challenges. Many of the jurisdiction's buildings are in need of considerable capital repairs and a number have been sold. Membership continues to decline. A half dozen of the states have grand lodges that do not recognize Prince Hall or initiate African-Americans, and hence their Scottish Rite valleys are de facto (but not de jure) segregated. The Shrine's decision to not require membership in the Scottish and York bodies for membership has had a longterm effect. The Supreme Council's monumental House of the Temple in Washington lacks the endowment that would permit needed repairs, so hopes partly rest with the use of adjacent open space for building condos. The rumored favorite candidate for commander has an accounting and financial background -- he will surely need it.

  4. I have had the good fortune to meet and hear Ill. Bro. Seale on several occasions. I have always enjoyed his warmth, wisdom, and vision. I wish him and his wife health, happiness and prosperity in retirement. It has been my privilege to admire him from the distance of the NMJ.


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