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“The Masonic system represents a stupendous and beautiful fabric, founded on universal purity, to rule and direct our passions, to have faith and love in God, and charity toward man.”
— William Howard Taft

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

UGLE Offering 'Enough Is Enough' Pins

When the going gets tough with us Freemasons, the tough get going... making lapel pins.

The following announcement was made Monday on the Freemasonry Today website of the United Grand Lodge of England: 
Officially licensed by UGLE, the lapel pin displays the message ‘Enough is Enough – ask someone who knows’.
Previously discussing the campaign, Dr David Staples, Chief Executive of UGLE, said: ‘We need to open up and talk about what we do; we needn’t be afraid of being both proud of who we are and our membership.’
The lapel pin is available to purchase from eBay for £5 here. Part of the profits from the sale will go towards Masonic charities.
This is actually unusual for England, as they are nowhere near as obsessed with Masonic lapel pins as we are here in America. It's quite rare to see Masonic jewelry openly worn throughout the British Isles, and Europe in general, because anti-Masonic feeling can run high in some quarters there. And they have a sterner attitude, by and large, concerning Masonic discretion. Over here, we have no such qualms...

Seriously, more and more English brethren have concluded that silence in the face of anti-Masonic campaigns in the media has not served them well in the modern age. So if a lapel pin gets a few positive conversations started, it's £5 well spent.



  1. I myself am holding out until they change that awful logo back to its proper form.

    Seriously... A 300 year history of the universally accepted symbol of the fraternity cast aside. NOW it is supposed to be a conversation starter when "the public" (whoever that is) doesn't recognize the new version? The symbol itself never needed rebranding in the first place.

  2. I agree. I'm holding out as well.

  3. I tried to purchase, but Ebay won't let me buy it. It says that seller won't ship to my country.

  4. I am a proud supporter of British Freemasonry, but that is really a strange looking (kind of awful) depiction of the Square and Compasses.

    You are right. It is a nice gesture and I do support their effort so I will purchase a couple of the pins today. Think I will do a test run by wearing one in Canada at a Masonic body where I am currently Presiding Officer and see if I get the "deer in head lights look" from our good Canadian brethren. Hahaha!

  5. I tried to purchase one, but was unable as I'm not in the UK. I would like to support the UGLE with my 5 quid + postage and handling. Hopefully there will be a way to do so.


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