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Thursday, May 03, 2018

May: Speaking in Lexington, KY and Indianapolis, IN

I will have the honor of speaking at historic Lexington Lodge No. 1 in Lexington, Kentucky this coming Monday, May 7th for their Masonic Scholar Night. 

Lexington Lodge was chartered in 1788 by the Grand Lodge of Virginia as the first Masonic lodge west of the Appalachian Mountains, and it was in many ways the well-spring from which Masonry spread throughout the American West. From this starting point, lodges would be issued charges in what would eventually become nine other states across the Northwest Territory and more (including my home state of Indiana). So I am both honored and excited to have the opportunity to visit this most important lodge and its brethren.

The evening will start at 6:00 PM with a reception, featuring light refreshments and finger foods. Officers will process into lodge at 7:30 PM to open their regular Stated Communication. At the conclusion of business, the lodge will be set at ease so that EAs and FCs may also join in the presentation and discussion.

I figure I'm just genetically predisposed to cults. I became an Apple Computer True Believer in the 1990s. I joined the Freemasons. And now, if you've been following my personal Facebook page, you know that Alice and I just purchased a 23' Airstream trailer last weekend. Lexington will be our first shakedown trip to make sure everything works.

The 2018 Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Indiana F&AM will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, May 15th and 16th at the Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral. Following the close of the meeting and the grand officers' installation on Wednesday, I will be speaking at the Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research on the subject of this year's Indiana's Masonic Bicentennial and my new book, Heritage Endures: Perspectives On 200 Years of Indiana Freemasonry

The meeting is ostensibly taking place at 12:30PM Wednesday the 16th on the 2nd floor of the Indianapolis Masonic Temple, but that will be entirely dictated by the actual close of festivities across the street.


  1. It isnt easy to write a grand lodge history but this book serves Indiana very well indeed. It's outstanding.

  2. I appreciate your work, thanks for all the great blog posts.


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