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Monday, April 16, 2018

Greensboro, N.C. PHA Masonic Temple Destroyed By Tornado

Last night, April 15th, the 135 mph winds of an F2 tornado ripped through the east side of Greensboro, North Carolina. One motorist was killed when a tree fell on his car, and two passengers in the same vehicle were injured. While they were the only human casualties of the storm, hundreds of homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed in that part of the city and in across Rockingham County.

At an east side Greensboro Prince Hall Masonic temple, several brethren were setting the lodge up for a meeting this week as the storm approached. They were all able to leave the the lodge before the winds kicked up, but they watched from a distance as the storm tore apart the cinderblock building. It was directly in the path of the tornado.

The Sunnycrest Avenue temple was home to three PHA lodges: Climax Lodge No. 832 , C.W. Lawrence Lodge No. 837, and Luther Kimbrough Lodge No. 838. It was also the home to Genesis Chapter No. 673 and Rebecca Chapter No. 656 of the Order of the Eastern Star.

The Sunnycrest Avenue PHA Masonic temple before yesterday's storm

The MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge of North Carolina's website has not yet officially reacted to the damage. 

However, North Carolina Brother Marcus Orr has started a GoFundMe page to receive donations here. Please consider a donation:

Two videos of the damage can be seen below.

While we're all certainly grateful there was no further loss of life or injuries in Greensboro, the destruction of the temple and its irreplaceable artifacts and records represent a terrible loss to their Masonic community. All brethren are encouraged to do what they can to help, aid and assist them to find a temporary home until theirs can be rebuilt.


  1. Thank you for publishing this, W. Bro. Hodapp. Brethren all, please help our Brothers and Sisters who are in need of fraternal assistance.

    Chris Wright
    Stokesdale 428, NC AF&AM

  2. Bro. Wright, appreciate the kind words and the call to action among all good and worthy brethren in eyesight of your note and with situational awareness of this grave happenstance.

    Alfonza Howard

  3. Thoughts and prayers for everyone down there

  4. In this blog, Greensboro Prince Hall Masonic temple, several brethren were setting the lodge up for a meeting this week as the storm approached. You want to get more information click at Greensboro Coliseum


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