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Monday, April 23, 2018

2018 World Conference on Fraternalism in DC: 5/18

The 2018 World Conference on Fraternalism, Social Capital, and Civil Society explores how associationalism and volunteerism have shaped democracy, politics, and history. Each year, it alternates between Washington, DC and Paris.

This year's Conference will be held on May 18th, and the theme is The 200th Birthday of Rob Morris. 

The Policy Studies Organization is the owner and publisher of the journal World Affairs, founded by Quakers in 1837 and the oldest continuous journal on international issues in the world. So it is fitting that this year's Conference will take place at Washington, D.C.'s historic Friends Meeting House, 2111 Florida Ave NW, Washington D.C.

Presentations will explore the growth of clubs, lodges, labor unions, freemasonry, the place of ritual, ceremony and secrecy, and the implications for gender and political legitimacy. 

This year's speakers include:
Guillermo de los Reyes - Fraternalism, Feminism, and the Eastern Star 
Nancy Theiss - A Beacon of Light: How Rob Morris Gave Credibility to the Women's Movement
Teresa Lynn - The Little Lodge on the Prairie Revisited: Surprising Eastern Star Connections 
Cécile Révauger - Call me Sister!: A World View 
Olivia Chaumont - Gender Issues within Masonry: from Theory to Practice 
Emanuela Locci - Female Freemasonry in Italy 
Demetrio Xoccato - Freemasons in the New World: Italian Lodges in the USA

Paul Rich, Guillermo de los Reyes - As Fraternalism Evolves

The Conference is free to attend, but please register at the website HERE.

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  1. if the weather is good, the meeting room opens to the terraces and gardens and we will serve continental breakfast and buffet lunch outside. There is no charge but we do need folks to register at the web site. Although only two blocks from the Dupont Metro and Dupont Circle, the setting is bucolic. Everyone welcome.


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