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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Brother to Speak on Freemasonry in the Modern Middle East

A Brother who is a regular member in good standing of a lodge chartered by the Grand Lodge of Texas spends much of his year in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. When there, he flies to Beirut or Bahrain and quietly attends a lodge organized for expatriate workers. Freemasonry is seen as being controversial -- or even evil -- by numerous residents in most Middle Eastern nations. In the Arab press, it is frequently alleged that Freemasonry is a front for Zionism, and that Masons are somehow agents for Israel. But some nations there are more tolerant than others, as long as foreigners' lodges remain discrete.

For part of the summer, the Brother is back at his family home in East Texas, where he can freely attend lodge meetings without fear of persecution. He wrote today with some information:

"While there has been an increasing interest in Freemasonry by many young men in the Middle East, the anti-Masonic rhetoric has increased from Saudi Arabia. Saudi clerics say we’re now somehow involved with the online game Pokemon Go, which is apparently a very bad thing. 

I’ve put together a PowerPoint presentation on Freemasonry in the Middle East and have shown it to lodges throughout East Texas. This Friday, August 6th, I will show it to Jefferson Lodge #38 in Jefferson, TX; and next Tuesday, August 9th, I’ll show it to the Scottish Rite Valley of Shreveport, Louisiana at its business meeting. Because there are photos of secret lodge meetings at undisclosed locations, I cannot put the presentation online, for the safety of our brothers. 

On the 21st of this month, I return to Abu Dhabi. However, if it’s possible, I would appreciate your mention of my presentation at these upcoming meetings in your blog. It gives a real appreciation for the freedoms we have here. I’d be happy to make it anywhere there are interested brothers.

If any lodge in the East Texas area is interested in having this Brother come and speak before he leaves on August 21st, please contact me at hodapp@aol.com  and I will put you in contact with him. It is unfortunate that it has to be handled this way, but that is the dangerous nature of the times in which we live.


  1. I hope that the Brother will have a chance to visit us here in Israel, where the Masonic spirit is alive and well.

    Asher Samuels
    Lodge of the Holy City #4
    Jerusalem, Israel

    1. Would you consider a Palestinian Arab Muslim your brother in freemasonry?


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