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Monday, April 11, 2016

Former GA Grand Tyler Arrested For Stealing From Lodge

Robert Young, Past Grand Tyler and District Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Georgia F&AM, has been arrested and charged in DeKalb County, Georgia, for allegedly stealing $600,000 over a six year period from Grant Park Lodge No. 604.

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According to the public record, Young was arrested February 29th, and released just under a month later on $10,000 bond.

Reportedly, the Grant Park Lodge had recently sold their building, and had been temporarily meeting in nearby Master's Lodge No. 295 in Decatur while they decided where to build a new temple.


  1. Imagine the good that money could have done.

  2. The Grand Lodge of Georgia need to get rid of him.. Smh. Bogus

  3. Should meet the true requirements of his obligations.

  4. How does the lodge members not miss 600k right away?

  5. Georgia in the headlines again. I ask again what are they practicing there because by all accounts it is not Freemasonry. Racism, bigotry, theft, fraud, the list just keeps growing.

  6. We have o insist that our grand lodges do more than just bemoan and deplore. The grand masters issuing these platitudinous proclamations but not doing anything are making us all look ridiculous. As for the Scottish Rite, are they going to continue to take their membership from racist and gay bashing grand lodges?


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