Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Grand Lodge of Sweden

The Grand Lodge of Sweden has a new website, with much information in English. Have a look here and read about this very unique Christian-based style of Freemasonry.

In 1756, Carl Fredrik Eckleff together with six Brethren formed the Scottish Lodge L’Innocente in Stockholm, working in so called Scottish St Andrew´s degrees. The next step in the development of Swedish Freemasonry was taken by Eckleff in 1759, when he established a Grand Chapter in Stockholm. Eckleff who was an employee of the Swedish Foreign Office, held a foreign patent authorizing him to form Lodges. It has not been possible to ascertain the date and place of origin of the patent and of the rituals. The Grand Lodge of Sweden was established in 1760.

Eckleff moulded a Freemasonry system on a Christian basis. The moral philosophy of the Swedish Rite was further developed by Duke Carl, later King Carl XIII, who succeeded to Eckleff as the Swedish Masonic leader. By two major ritual revisions in 1780 and 1800 he created a logical Masonic system with ten degrees. The Rite is truly progressive and continuous. Each degree leads to the next and each sums up the contents of the preceding degrees.


Aaron White said...

I've never seen a clear explanation of what English or American degrees and orders are analogous to those of the Swedish Rite. It would be interesting to know what visitation privileges one would have in Sweden based on his current degrees and memberships.

bryan.burg4 said...

Any news on Swedish style Lodges coming to the US?

lindq said...

Caveat lector!
Don't take the below as unchangable facts, but more as a rough guide.

I've seen on other forums one rough translation as:
18°= VI
30° = VIII
31° = IX
32° = X
33° = R&K
This could differ between countries following the Swedish Rite [1]. There could also be a difference between Northern and Southern Jurisdiction.

Also, the above lacks degree IV/V. Visits to degrees VII and up requires the visitor to be Christian.

[1] Sweden w/ Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and to some extent parts of Germany

winterg said...

Well, if you're a Jewish Freemason like me, you don't get visitation rights.

Magpie Mason said...

Per the Constitutions of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, the following equation tables define the relationships between Swedish Rite and Scottish Rite ranks:

For NMJ brethren visiting Swedish Rite bodies:

33 = X
32 = VIII
30-31 = VII
18-29 = VI

For Swedish Rite brethren visiting the NMJ, it's almost the same in reciprocity:

X = 33
VIII = 32
VII = 31
VI = 18

"As a matter of practice,, the Swedish Rite will admit brethren of the 33º Degree to the Xº and IXº," the Constitutions state.

Also, it says that the Southern Jurisdiction, the A&A Rite for England and Wales, and the Supreme Councils of Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands all accept the above equation tables.


Magpie Mason said...

bryan.burg4 said...
Any news on Swedish style Lodges coming to the US?

I think a variation on that is here already. Is that not somewhat the CBCS is?


Beat Dandy said...

I just wrote a piece about all the info and regalia I could find regarding the Swedish Order of Carl XIII, it is an Order of Chivalry only bestowed upon 33 Freemasons in the world.
Rarely Chivalric and Masonic orders legitimately cross paths, but this is a prime example.

C. Gallup SR Warden Ada Lodge #119

Liberty Crossbones said...

Gallup, did you run for office in Pontotoc county?

JT on Lightning Ridge

SimonChris said...

Winterg, non-Christian Freemasons do get visitation right to the Swedish Rite, just not to the highest degrees.

Kairologic said...

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