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Thursday, September 13, 2012

GLNF Elects New GM; UGLE Yanks Recognition

Jean-Pierre Servel was elected on September 10th as the new Grand Master of the Grande Loge Nationale Frainçaise, replacing the embattled François Stifani, but that has not prevented the United Grand Lodge of England two days later from de-recognizing them. Serval is seen by many French Masons as a continuation of the Stifani officer's line.

The GLNF has lost nearly a third of its membership over the Stifani flap, and the majority of the world's grand lodges have yanked recognition of the grand lodge, leaving France without a regular, recognized branch of Masonry for the majority of brethren.


  1. It's sad that 2/3 of the membership of the french lodges who stayed, are now denied the recognition from the UGLE. As for the other 1/3, that's a significant loss to the Fraternity world wide. UGLE should not have withdrawn recognition with the new GM coming in; supporter or not, there's no way to tell now what will happen in the future. This guy might actually try to do the right thing, but no one wants to extend that branch.

    Glenn Lovell,
    WM-Mt Moriah 39, ID

  2. Dear Brother,

    Regularity and recognition are 2 different topics. There are some very regular Grand Lodges in France and they are the Grand Lodge of France, the Traditionnal and Symbolical Grand Lodge, the National French Lodge, the new French Masonic Alliance Grand Lodge (split from GLNF).

    There are also traditional Masonic Bodies which are working such as the Nordic Grand Lodges, the Grand Priory of Gauls and the Reformed and Rectified Scottish Grand Priory of Occitania (in amity with the Grand Encampment KT of USA)...

    So Tradition and Regularity are existing in France. They are just not recognized by UGLE but who minds ?


    Laurent Jaunaux
    MM - PM - CBCS

  3. Bro Glenn: Just because UGLE has withdrawn recognition now does not mean that it cannot extend it again later, should GLNF again show that it has all the landmarks of regular Masonry. It is a particular loss for many members of UGLE lodges, who will not longer have any lodges to visit should the find themselves in France; those who were members of GLNF lodges by virtue of being expats in France have had to resign or face expulsion from their mother lodges in England and Wales.

    There are three possible outcomes. First, GLNF does not reform, and no new Grand Lodge is formed that UGLE could recognise. Second, GLNF does not reform, but another new Grand Lodge is formed that UGLE could recognise. This will take years, perhaps even a decade. Third, GLNF reforms and UGLE re-recognises it. That would be the happiest outcome.

    Meanwhile, there is no visitation across the Channel. Sad, but necessary.

    WBro Chris Hansen, IPM, Goliath Lodge #5595, UGLE


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