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Sunday, July 22, 2012

41st Annual Eblen's Cave Degree, Kingston, TN

The 2012 Eblen's Cave Degree will be held this year August 17th and 18th in Kingston, Tennessee, hosted by Union Lodge No. 38. This year's event will feature a Florida degree team putting on the FC degree, and the Mississippi Masonic Mountain Man Degree Team will perform the MM degree.

From the website:

The MMMM degree team exemplifies the work in all three degrees and utilizes a maximum of 24 active members with each member having a unique number which reflects their election order to membership on the team. Said number is unique and retires with the member at death or after completion of or retirement from the team. The team has done work throughout the south and over 4,500 masons have witnessed the work to date. All members are Past Masters and four members are Mississippi Past Grand Masters.
The MMMM hold an annual rendezvous the last Saturday in January at the converse of Martin and Rocky Creeks on a high hill in South Jones County, Mississippi where activities include tomahawk throws, knife throws, over the log musket shoots, frying pan toss, mountain man traders and other pre 1840 rendezvous reenactment activities.
After an enjoyable Saturday of activities including a full meal typically of whole hog with all the trimmings, the team confers the MM degree under the canopy of heaven by campfire light after dark. This work is done as all our work in complete mountain man regalia with our masonic mountain men forefathers in mind. The mountain man era began with Brothers Lewis and Clark with the Great Expedition in 1804 until the last rendezvous along the Green River in Wyoming in 1840.
Come witness and enjoy the Degree Team as they exemplify this Great Work! Its like stepping back in time.

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