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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Indiana Grand Lodge Library & Museum Prepares for Grand Re-Opening 1/14

The Grand Lodge Library & Museum on the 5th floor of Indiana Freemasons’ Hall in Indianapolis is on track to open for Founder’s Day 2012, January 14th. Dramatic lighting has been installed, the room has been painted to highlight exhibits, and the floors have been refinished. Our IUPUI Interns have completed the design phase of the project, and are finishing building the exhibits. The 5th floor foyer is being updated, furniture has been reupholstered, and the new entrance will feature museum exhibits. Fourteen new display cases have been delivered in December, and all artifacts for the first displays have been catalogued and photographed, while future exhibit artifacts have been stored in compliance with archival standards. Many of our historic pictures have been digitized to be displayed on a touchscreen LCD monitor, along with numerous other artifacts for future virtual exhibits. The descriptive and interpretive labels are now all written, and are being edited prior to going to print later this week.

The new logo for the Library and Museum displayed above is the creation of one of our IUPUI interns, Emily Lytle-Painter. The logo's nine stars symbolize the nine founding Lodges of the Grand Lodge of Indiana. Emily, our other intern Kate Massman, and numerous volunteers at the IUPUI Museum Studies Department are working very hard to assure that all be proud at our Grand Opening on Founders' Day.

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