Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Journal of the Masonic Society Issue #14 Coming

The delayed Issue #14 of the Journal of the Masonic Society is at the printers at last and will start hitting mailboxes after Christmas. Articles include:

A Mason’s Cabletow by Shawn Carrick

The Working Tools of a Canadian Mason by Michael Bayrak

Scottish Freemasonry...of Its Own Free Will and Accord by Doug Bewick

Tamino’s Initiation: Vengeance, Virtue & Enlightenment In Mozart’s The Magic Flute by R. Bradley Bunn

Is Freemasonry Dangerous? by Jason E. Marshall

TMS Semi-Annual Meeting Recap by James R. Dillman

n-Dimensional Masonry by Michael Bayrak


Mr. Carl said...

Could a good Brother provide a Link to this Journal? or where can I get it? Thanks, R.W. Carl S. Amos, Amelia #47, Fernandina Beach, FL

Chris Hodapp said...