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Friday, November 20, 2009

Ft. Wayne, Indiana Temple Has A Plan For the Future

The Freemasons of Ft. Wayne, Indiana made the news today, showing off painting and renovations to the beautiful downtown Temple building.

See FW Masonic Temple has plan to stay open.

See their website here: http://www.thefreemasonshall.com/


  1. Hats off to the brethren in Fort Wayne for their efforts to save the building. This is one of the jewels that we can't afford to lose. No one knows better than me what they are up against. It looks like they have a good plan and the determination to make it work.

  2. I have been in the building and I like it. Built the same year as Detroit's Temple. Allowing alcohol is a big step in saving it. You need to find a good experienced event planner. Is there a University you can partner with? They often need space. Don't be afraid to get a Non-Mason to work there running the temple. You need the best person, not the best Mason to run it for you.
    Russ Spice, Secretary, Masonic Temple Assoc. of Detroit.

  3. Thanks for posting this here Brother Hodapp and I appreciate the comments from Brothers Dillman and Spice.

    We have a website for event rental - which will be our primary source of revenue in 2010. Please check it out at www.thefreemasonshall.com

    Paul Calloway
    Business Management Group
    aka the House Committee
    Fort Wayne Masonic Temple


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