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Friday, October 02, 2009

Minneapolis Lodge No. 19

A decent article in yesterday's Minneapolis-St. paul Star Tribune about Minneapolis Lodge No. 19.

I covet their decor, especially the custom carpet with their "19" logo. This is an absolutely beautiful lodge. The lodge relocated two years ago to the Harrington Mansion on Park Avenue near downtown Minneapolis

Check out their website, which is beautifully done, as well.

Most impressive is their philosophy and strategic planning. From their "Lodge Life" page:

Minneapolis 19 will be moving to the Harrington Mansion (owned by Zuhrah Shrine Temple) on August 27th, 2007. This historic move signifies a major step in our revitalization efforts over the next year or so. We are heading back home to the city where it all began almost 150 years ago.

In 2008, we will be celebrating our 150th year as a blue lodge. And we will be celebrating this major milestone with some major changes in our operations and programs. These initiatives include:

The move back to Minneapolis.
Increasing our annual dues and fee structure to realistic levels.
Establishing our own perpetual membership fund.
Establishing our own 501(c)3 scholarship fund.
Purchasing life memberships for our 70+ members.
Purchasing life memberships for our new Past Masters.
Establishing credit card and bank draft services via the website.
Providing a superior website presence for our membership.
Our partnership with Zuhrah Shrine is a strategic investment by Minneapolis 19. The third floor ballroom in the Harrington Mansion will be transformed into a first class blue lodge room over the next year.

Some of the other changes for Minneapolis 19 include:

There is hope for those desiring efficiently run stated communications. And there is no reason why most lodges can't accomplish this task in 30 minutes or less.

At Minneapolis 19, we only conduct tyled business within a tyled meeting. Everything else is accomplished at our monthly officer meetings.

After our meetings, we adjourn to the Harrington Mansion Library for dinner, lodge education and social time.

Dinners at Minneapolis 19 are a first class experience. Meals are complimented with your choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, the choice is yours at 19.

The meals, themselves, are catered by the Zuhrah Shrine banquet facility by renowned resident Chef Michael and served in the Harrington Mansion Library after our Stated Communications around 7 PM.

For Special Communications (degree nights), meals will be served before the degree program around 6 PM.

The menu is generated a year in advance...

Bravo,, brethren.


  1. First off, thanks for posting the plan this lodge is following as it contains some great ideas. However, I have somewhat of a problem with fellow masons downplaying the importance of secrecy by publicly stating that all will be revealed with a 20 minute google search. Is it so bad to leave some mystery to the Craft? I understand that the real power of masonry comes from the personal journey and experiences with your brethren but we don't have to tell people just how easy it may or may not be is to uncover everything.

  2. I don't disagree with you. If there was one phrase I could expunge from the lips of every Mason (and especially grand master) it is "We have no secrets, except a few funny handshakes." That is not true, and it does terrible disservice to the fraternity.

    Somehow we've come to the conclusion that secrecy is a bad thing that makes the public suspicious,. It makes reporters suspicious. However, it is one of our most treasured possessions that makes us different form the Rotary. Like all initiatic experiences in the world, the real secrets of Freemasonry are the effects its teachings and ceremonies have on the individual, and how he applies them to his life.

    Please, brethren, STOP SAYING WE HAVE NO SECRETS.

  3. We could raise the ceiling at Ripple and make it very cool.

    Just sayin'.

  4. Chris,

    You and I are in agreement on this "no secrets" thing.

  5. Yeah. Or how cool would a lodge room look in the small side of the 8th floor ballroom downtown. Cozier than the ones downstairs, with a cater-able social room/banquet room on the other side of the door.



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