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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dan Brown and Why Freemasonry

Dan Brown was asked to address the Scottish Rite-SJ's annual gathering in Washington DC this past week, but because of his schedule, could not be there. You might be interested in his letter. (Click the image to enlarge).

It reads, in part:

In the past few weeks, as you might imagine, I have been repeatedly asked what attracted me to the Masons so strongly as to make it a central point of my book. My reply is always the same: “In a world where men do battle over whose definition of God is most accurate, I cannot adequately express the deep respect and admiration I feel toward an organization in which men of differing faiths are able to ‘break bread together’ in a bond of brotherhood, friendship, and camaraderie."

Please accept my humble thanks for the noble example you set for humankind. It is my sincere hope that the Masonic community recognizes
The Lost Symbol for what it truly is…an earnest attempt to reverentially explore the history and beauty of Masonic Philosophy.

Yours sincerely,
Dan Brown


  1. That's excellent. I read it to my brothers at our stated meeting tonight.

  2. As you so aptly stated last Monday evening at Annapolis Lode, "Dan Brown has written a love letter to Freemasonry". After I finished the book I never felt more proud of being a Freemason.

  3. Wow! That was really neat. In reading the book and now this letter I see his respect for our craft. It almost sounds to me like he's asking for a petition.

    I am even more proud now to have won one of 33 signed copies of the book via the Symbol Quest game and codes on the book jacket.

    Lee Talley
    Master Mason
    Junior Deacon - Portsmouth 100
    32nd Degree - Master of the Royal Secret / Knight of Saint Andrew.

  4. Basically, what Dan Brown is saying is that Freemasonry is especially noteworthy for its stance on toleration and mutual understanding regarding people of different faiths. These words you have quoted should be written in letters of fire--in the skies above this troubled world, and within every heart. Thank you for bringing this important material to our attention.

  5. He has such respect for Freemasonry that he makes up tales about Masons drinking out of skulls.


  6. Greetings!
    I am not a Mason (yet); I submitted my petition earlier this year to my local lodge (Alameda, CA). This letter sums up quite a bit of why I'm trying to join. While researching the history and mystery of the Brotherhood, it occurred to me that all of the people arguing the anti-Masonic position were people I already disagreed with - and who would already disapprove of _me_. As I told one of the investigating team, any group that can get Jack Chick and Benedict XIV on the same side of an argument MUST have something going for them.

    Thank you for sharing this on your blog, Mr. Hodapp.

  7. you all forgot that dan brown depises the catholic church and in any way to destroy it is a possibility to him. even writing lies in a book. the catholic church has denounce freemasons as satanic. and this organization is wrong. i hope that the one true god jesus in heaven has mercy on you
    joe shcmoe (Sean Maelisa)

  8. The feeling is mutual, Joe. The difference is I leave such judgements of mercy to Him, not to internet posters who are busy telling me how evil I am for belonging to a group that teaches its members universal brotherhood.

    And no, the Church did NOT pronounce Freemasonry as "satanic."


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